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[Not an Issue] Barad Ding's cat quest slightly flawed

3leeTbger3leeTbger Member Posts: 69
edited February 2015 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.3.2064)
[Windows][Beamdog][BG2:EE 1.3.2064][no mods installed][60 frames per second]
[My system:][Windows XP Pro 32-bit SP3][4 GB RAM][1920*1080/32-bit colours][i7-3770K][Radeon 6670]

In order to get the required 8 cats in your inventory, you usually have to catch around twice as many, because some of the caught cats don't show up in the inventory cat counter.

Today I ran five full cat runs, and had to catch 12 - 18 cats to get to eight.


Saved game attached.

A vid where I catch 16 to get to 8 :

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  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 6,961
    edited February 2015
    This is intentional. What you are missing is that the cats have a chance of escaping. If you read the cats' description in your inventory it says this:
    Not famous for their amiability or willingness to sit still in enclosed spaces, feral cats prefer freedom to everything but fish. This particular cat, a tabby "owned" by Barad Ding, is no exception. At this moment, it is shrieking and clawing vigorously toward liberty.


    5% chance of freeing itself from inventory every two rounds
    What is happening is that you are catching the same cats several times as they escape from you while you are looking for the others. I watched your video and that is what I see happening.

    @Gate70 Not an issue.

  • 3leeTbger3leeTbger Member Posts: 69
    Nicely spotted, my mistake.

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