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Multi Class hp. Too high?

I just made a new character (Cleric/Ranger) and with 18 con he's got 132hp. Seems high for a Lvl 6/6 character. I tested with a fighter/Mage and with 18 con he's got 103hp. Jaheira has a more reasonable 51hp. I'm not importing and I'm playing on iPhone 5.


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 6,961
    edited February 2015
    Yeah, that is too high. My cleric/ranger is at level 7/6, has 19 con, and only 89 HP and that is maximum rolls. Not sure how that could have happened...

  • RoachRoach Member Posts: 4
    I've tried replicating but I haven't got these results again. I think it got to 132 by giving the cleric half 54 (9*6)and the ranger half 78 (13*6).

    In my character record screen under hp it say +9 hp/Lvl +4 mod.

    I should only have 78 total. Cleric should give me 6 per Lvl (8/2+2) and ranger 7 per Lvl (10/2+2).

    I would screen shot it but my lock button is broken.

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