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[Dupe #9318] Battle Music doesnt stop after fight has ended

oldman42oldman42 Member Posts: 27
edited November 2015 in BG:EE Bugs (v1.3)
I dont know if this is already beeing addressed by any thread here, but I can find only a discussion about the problem in the older 1.2 list:

The problem with neverending battle music still exists in 1.3. Repro is difficult, bcs its random. To me, it happens mostly on the first couple of maps (Gorion killzone, Coastwalk, FAI, Beregest+adjacent zones).
And yes, it can be managed by Save/Load... but that is not really a fix :(

OS: Linux Slackware 14.1

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  • HurricaneHurricane Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 730
    This has already been reported for BG:EE v1.3.

    @Gate70 says the issue is known and logged as #9318 for BG:EE and was logged as #9857 for BGII:EE (link).

    The issue #9857 in BGII:EE was fixed with the patch v1.3.2064 (see patch notes). BG:EE is currently on v1.3.2053, so the changes made in BGII:EE still need to be carried over.

    @Cerevant says the solution found for BGII:EE v1.3.2064 was a combination of engine fixes and area music definition fixes, but it cannot be confirmed yet that this will automatically fix the issue in BG:EE as well (link).

  • oldman42oldman42 Member Posts: 27
    Thank you Hurricane! Seems I was looking for "battle music" while it was discussed under "combat music" xD
    Lets hope it will be fixed for BGEE then, too. Its really annoying.

  • EndaarEndaar Member Posts: 19
    Not to necro this thread (although this was the latest thread I could find on the topic at hand) -- this issue is still an issue. Also, an additional nitpick -- in cases where the combat music DOES properly end, it does not end gracefully with the proper "outro effect" with chimes or a gong or whatever, like in the original game, it just dissipates and fades out within a second. Is there a mod to bring back this old behaviour? Or, speaking of mods, maybe it was a mod on my game that created this problem in the first place. Any ideas welcome!

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