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[Dupe #11414] Stuck in chapter 9 in throne of Bhaal (possible bug?) SPOILER

ovlofovlof Member Posts: 3
edited February 2015 in Troubleshooting
The solar says I need to destroy the pocket plane by leaving it, and thereby be sent to the throne of Bhaal. I've killed the ravager (if that was his name) but when i try to leave the pocket plane I just have the option of being returned to where i was!! By talking to Sarevok I got another quest in my log that says I need to go to Saradush, but it's not possible to travel there. I can't stand if I have to give this game up so close to the end after playing it all through with the same character. Korvor Galtano, master assassin, that is ofc.

Please help, anyone.

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