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Final Saves for download?

Heya folks, long time player, first time poster. When I built my new computer I neglected to back up my saved games and/or characters from many, many play throughs of Baldur's Gate EE and one of Baldur's Gate II EE. Despite my best google-fu skills, I haven't been able to locate a central location to browse and download final saves and/or characters for EE.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? While I *could* EE Keeper a simulation of what a character might have after a couple play throughs, in my experience it doesn't quite account for all the little things that organically leveling up and playing a character through several rounds of the first game gives it. When I started a new game with a rolled character it didn't even have the 6 alignment based abilities they used to! I was shocked! That is to say nothing of the 3 batches of them you get total playing through the game a few times ...

But anyway, if someone could please point me to a saved game or character file download source that would be fantastic!

Thank you in advance!



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