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PnP Improved invisibility

AmioranAmioran Member Posts: 2
I made for myself a little mod that make Improved Invisibility work as PnP 2e (i.e. as only Mislead works now) and if somebody is interested I am gladly sharing it. For those that think something like this is "overpowered" please think otherwise because mages that cast invisibility in the game (and there are a lot, especially with Shadow Door that's 1 sec cast time) can really turn your group into dust if you don't have some dispels handy (btw the mod also changes Glitterdust to force visibility in every case if a save vs spell is failed - i.e. also if you are under immunity to divination that's a sure way to remove invisibility, and you cannot after become invisible again for the duration). Hence your T/M or F/T/M becomes surely much more powerful but so it's true for the opposition.

For now the mod is just "copy to override" style. If I see that people are interested I will create a full Weidu version of it with full description changes etc.



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  • AmioranAmioran Member Posts: 2
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    Nope. It worked as a detect invisibility but it didn't force the removal of invisibility (as for example true sight). If you had the cloak of non detection then Glitterdust did nothing (that makes little sense). Moreover it didn't disable invisibility after, you could just cast it again a second later without any problems. Now you cannot become invisible again for 4 rounds (since you are covered with the dust, so it make sense). In pnp a save every round is done for this but I kept things simple and I made it intentionally more powerful given that for the gameplay improved invisibility as pnp is really good (so you need a good counter).

    I changed it in a way that it bypasses whatever protection and forces visibility if the save is failed.

    As for the change to improved invisibility: in pnp improved invisibility doesn't remove the invisibility status after you attack or cast a spell, in BG instead the devs adopted the 1e rules that removes the invisibility but leaves the status effects of the same (e.g. AC and THAC0). The mod make improved invisibility work as in PnP and you retain full invisibility after an attack or cast of a spell (for a thief this means that you can do multiple backstabs in a round while under the effect, for example) apart for a little fraction of time into which enemies can understand you are visible so they can counter it .

    If you ever used MIslead with a M/T you can understand immediately the difference between the two dynamics. Only that with Mislead used cheesly enemies with vanilla scripts couldn't either understand you were attacking them by being invisible (so they stood there doing nothing if they didn't have the innate ability to see through invisibility) while instead in this way they can counter by true sight or similar.

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  • SmilingSwordSmilingSword Member Posts: 827
    I think this could be pretty cool, tell will this mod work for BG1 as well?

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,415
    edited February 2015
    @Amioran - It appears you're basing your mod on 3E's Greater Invisibility, not 2E's Improved Invisibility. That's cool, but saying that BG doesn't implement Improved Invisibility as per PnP is incorrect. The description of Improved Invisibility from the AD&D 2nd Edition Player's Handbook pretty much matches the BG spell (and it is pretty much the same as the 1E version of the spell).
    Improved Invisibility (Illusion/Phantasm)
    Range: Touch
    Duration: 4 rds. + 1 rd./level
    Area of Effect: Creature touched
    Components: V, S
    Casting Time: 4
    Saving Throw: None

    This spell is similar to the invisibility spell, but the recipient is able to attack, either by missile discharge, melee combat, or spellcasting, and remain unseen. Note, however, that
    telltale traces (such as a shimmering effect) sometimes allow an observant opponent to attack the invisible spell recipient. These traces are only noticeable when specifically looked for (after the invisible character has made his presence known). Attacks against the invisible character suffer -4 penalties to the attack rolls, and the invisible character's saving throws are made with a +4 bonus. Beings with high Hit Dice that might normally notice invisible opponents will notice a creature under this spell as if they had 2 fewer Hit Dice (they roll saving throws vs. spell; success indicates they spot the character).
    3E's Greater Invisibility is:
    Illusion (Glamer)
    Level: Brd 4, Sor/Wiz 4
    Components: V, S
    Target: You or creature touched
    Duration: 1 round/level (D)
    Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)

    This spell functions like invisibility, except that it doesn’t end if the subject attacks.
    This appears to me to be what your spell is doing, since you say that your modded spell makes "improved invisibility work as in PnP and you retain full invisibility after an attack or cast of a spell."

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