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[Mod] Game crash area transition

ElzarathElzarath Member Posts: 173
edited February 2015 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.3.2064)
Hello, new circus tent issue. When I try to leave the third room after talking with the genie and go up the stairs to Kalah, the game hangs for a second then crashes. Even the auto-save has empty portraits in it instead of my party.

Was kinda hoping the new patch resolved a lot of crap but this is a massive downer after having to wait forever for the patch and then this happens.. Can I just clua console to the next level and pray it won't break my game?

Thanks guys

EDIT: turns out, theres a crash dump report. An error msg displays for half a second when the game crashes. Attching report and save files if anyone could assist!

I also have 3 mods: PaintBG Portrait Pack, Weapon Upgrade Mod and BG Tweaks.

EDIT 2: CLUA Console to AR0606 (Circus Tent level 3) also crashes the game

EDIT 3: CLUA Console to AR0700 (Waukeens) and then tried to normal travel to Slums, also crashed.. :(

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