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Horses, Camels and Dragons. What you should ride into battle... OR an excuse (quest) why they can't!

AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
edited August 2012 in Archive (Feature Requests)
Can we have horses that we can ride on please in BG:EE... The infinity engine (should it be renamed the not so inifinty engine?) probably can't cope with that so how about a new quest to explain why?

Kobolds not only have they been messin' with the iron... The pesky critters have been stealing all the horses to make the GLUE OF DOOM! Perhaps our Bhaalspawn could uncover the plot, then get to throw buckets of glue that acts like a hold spell on the targeted enemy...

Our hero in Amn could look to find a Camel to sit on but instead finds that all the camels have decided that no one will sit on them ever again... Maybe a new mosnter a spitting camel in a quest named THE HUMPBACK Notre of AMN (See what I did there... I know not clever...)

Lastly... Maybe a dragon could invite our bhaalspawn to sit on its back... A trick obviously so that he can be eaten... Bwahahahaha!

What do you think?



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