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Pre-Order Numbers



  • ScarsUnseenScarsUnseen Member Posts: 169
    @Roller12 Beamdog is already one-up on Steam, Origin, and PSN in my book(don't have a Wii or XBox360, so can't comment there). PSN I have to buy game cards to make purchases because Sony hasn't discovered APO(military post office) addresses yet. With Steam and Origin, I am completely unable to make purchases at all from my home because my account is American, but my IP Address is Japanese. Beamdog? No problems at all.

    No digital distributor I've encountered has a perfect distribution method(maybe GOG), but at least the problem with Beamdog is your hangup to get over, not theirs. You have available options you just don't want to take. I have unusual workarounds that only work because I have access to a military base. If I didn't have that, I'd be having to stay up til the early AMs to call my family so that they could make the purchase for me.

  • Roller12Roller12 Member Posts: 437
    A good point, lets see, you can purchase through the family but dont want to, which i perfectly understand, and do not ask for reasons because frankly it doesnt concern anyone, and doesnt require any justification. I mean what would you say if Steam replied "but just purchase through the family". Ridiculous, no? The distributor who makes the products available gets the money. However I have heard of this problem, and according to click, click these guys quickly and painlessly solved it by just sending a Steam support ticket. Again Steam works towards the customer. and after reading these threads it looks more like a paypal/credit card IP conflict again, not actual steam, but i havent done research of that, coz doesnt matter to me.

  • NalimNalim Member Posts: 19
    edited August 2012

    What are your guesses based on Nalim? Not to be rude but it looks like you are just pulling them out of your @ss :) I do hope your guesses are better than mine though, as I want this to be a huge success.


    Well, given the amount of information available, everything is gonna be a totally wild guess. Saying that at least as many people pre-ordered as there are forum badges is right, but doesn't get anywhere near real numbers.

    So, where do I get my 10k number? Right now, there are at least 1.575k in this forum who have pre-ordered (number of badges). Now, it's time to multiplicate. One or two years ago, I read that somewhere around 90% of players don't even bother registering at game forums if they don't have problems (I googled to find this again, but - well, I didn't ^^). If you think about it, it's quite logical, though. Therefore I suspect the pre-order numbers to be ten times the amount of badges which would be around 15k.

    Something that can help backing up this number is the number of simultanous forums users. The last times I checked it was 90 and 140 (differences most likely due to time of day). Back in the good old times when I had some more hair on my head I administrated Germany's biggest Guild Wars forums. Some weeks prior to release we would normally have about 200 members simultanously at the forums. Guild Wars was a huge success in Germany, so the number of simultanous users here is another indicator for relatively high sales numbers.

    Taking all this into account, it is a quite safe asumption that there are more than 10k preorders at the moment (perhaps even a lot more). I'd go as far and say that this game will sell at least 50k times during the first month.

    Whether or not this is enough, I can't say. I suppose, though, that a substantial percentage of revenues will go to beamdog for distribution and to the BG license holder as license fee.

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  • azuritazurit Member Posts: 182
    edited August 2012
    sales are very good according to this! :)

    EDIT: also here

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  • SmaugSmaug Member Posts: 216
    @ScarsUnseen I had the same problem w/ Steam b/c they wouldn't recognize my APO in Germany. It used to infuriate me.

  • immagikmanimmagikman Member Posts: 664
    @Nalim thanks, it is good to see more thought went into it that just pulling the numbers from an orifice :D

  • MedillenMedillen Member Posts: 632
    I think Nalim has a pretty good first estimation. I might think it is actually higher since the reddit AMAA. Even now there are literally thousands of people reading those. The peak I saw was 18000 readers.

    Plus I still need to pre order... xD I'm waiting for 1st september, and I might not be the only one.

  • immagikmanimmagikman Member Posts: 664
    I was a bit surprised that Trent was saying they need half a million sales to secure BG 3 though.....thats a lot even for this title.

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