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MBTI NPC test, which NPC are you

Look I made a thing, well a chart.
Here is a link to test

Ok first disclaimer, this test does not distinguish between good and evil, it focuses on eight attributes
we all possess to some degree. Namely Extraversion - Introversion, Sensing - Intuition, Thinking - Feeling,
and Judging-Perceiving.

Second disclaimer, this test does not mean you are exactly like the NPC you share a group with, it just means you possess similar attributes.
Let me explain I am a INTJ which means on this chart I share a group with Viconia, but on the LOTR
chart I share a group with Elrond."and on the Harry Potter chart a group with Malfoy sigh...."
We can all agree Viconia and Elrond are extremely different characters, but they do however rightly share the same


Disclaimer 3, I obviously take no credit for the art, that's all beamdog's and bioware's.
I also take no credit for the words, almost copied word for word from Makani's Harry Potter MBTI chart.

I do however take credit for slapping this thing together XD



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