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Game freezes after killing Yaga Shura (modding, reinstalling...). Can I save my playthrough ?

GrebicheGrebiche Member Posts: 2
Hello guys,

I think I messed up my save file and I think I need some help. I play BG2EE 1.3.2064 on pc.

I had this playthrough a while back but had to reinstall everything on my computer. Then I installed BG2 again, and modded it with SCS and BP Ascencion. On my previous installation, I had no ascencion but SCS and some items from the tweak pack.

I played fine during 1 hour, but after killing Yaga Shura when I get back to the pocket plane, the game freezes right at the beginning of Solar's dialogue (I tried it a few times).

Is my save file doomed ? Should I remove all mods ? Or is there an easy way to fix the issue ?

Thanks for your help !


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,789
    If you did 1 hour on a different install do you have the earlier save to go back to. If you have that I'd suggest re-installing with the same build you had when that save was made. The alternative is to look at what the Solar dialogue is doing using a tool such as Near Infinity and see if you can spot what is going wrong but that is likely to be harder than starting again if you're not familiar with the toolset, and not something others can easily help with unless they have the same install.

  • GrebicheGrebiche Member Posts: 2
    I tried to change the language, and instead of crashing all dialogue with Solar was "Invalid xxx". I went to Balthazar and his dialogue was the same "Invalid xxx". When I turn back to English I have the freezes again with the key dialogues.

    Looks like Ascencion dialogues did not install correctly. Should I reinstall BP ascencion ?

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