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It turnes out that the Spring is usually a calm period for Beamdog

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,301
I've made a small research and from all the information available it turnes out that during the first months of nearly every year the public activity of Beamdog in terms of game/patch releases, news, media publications, hints and interviews is low.

Usually a big event happens during the Autumn. BGEE, BG2EE and IWDEE were all released in October-November with an announcement coming in August-October. We all remember a much anticipated 1.3 patch for BG2EE as well.

In fact, last year, just as it seems this year, during the first 3-4 months the number of Devs' posts here is close to 0.

It's understandable, though. I suggest that every company has its own production cycles and it could be quite the case that after the start of each year Beamdog representatives actively commucate with their partners, agreeing contracts and so on.
Also, I think that the fact we actually get something from Beamdog every Autumn is very much because this something has been in production for a long time already.

Moreover, at least this year, a lot of Beamdog employees were ill for quite a long time due to a sudden plague. Trent Oster has just returned from his - again not the shortest- vacation/business trip (it's unclear which one of the two). Also, before he was busy on a certain public event or two.

So, for those wondering why we don't get tons of information about future projects of Beamdog after Christmas of 2014, I can say that it's absolutely normal, as the history of Beamdog shows.

And as it shows, when we actually hear something closer to the Summer, this something is rather big and entertaining. Maybe not only Adventure Y this time, but an update on PSTEE/IWD2EE/IWD3.

Let's just wait again and while waiting actually finish our IWDEE/Throne of Bhaal runs (and I don't even talk about other games, such as PoE or DAI)!

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