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Original Movies

ikonomovikonomov Member Posts: 13
I believe the latest update has fixed most bugs that resulted in the initial negative criticism of the game, yet one obvious thing remains that needs to be corrected. The new movies in the EE look like the last minute job, and while they are despicable for a game of this calibre the real problem comes with whoever decided that new movies are needed, and not with whoever made them. A mod exists that fixes the problem , but since the spirit of this game edition is using mods to make the best player's experience, I think it is appropriate to see the change make its way into the new patch, whenever it comes. The old movies were made with lots of care, and while they might look old, they do not look like the last minute job. It is the first thing any player will see when starting the game, and for an old fan of the original, the new movies look appalling.


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