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Help me create a party for my first powerplaying playthrough

Hello everyone,

I usually play these games on easiest difficulty just to experience the story, but today I decided to play BG2:EE and ToB on insane. I am not really familiar with DnD rules or in depth mechanics so I need some help to create my party. I don't use any mods (nor I intend to) except the one prevents NPCs from leaving your party (so allignments are not an issue) Even though I am primarily playing for powerplaying purposes, there are some NPCs I definately want to include my party such as Jan Jansen, Edwin and Aeriee ( I also like Minsc, Korgan, Keldorn and Jaheria but they are not mandatory). My protagonist preferences are arcane casters, (but with aeriee and edwin this would be redundant I guess) bards, thieves or any dual wielding melee kit/class.

Thanks in advance.


  • xscott71xxscott71x Member Posts: 59
    If there are no alignment restrictions, I would go with Viconia, Keldorn, Korgan, Edwin, Jan, and a Skald PC who only sings. These are all power players, and a Skald is the ultimate party buffer. The Skald has an innate casting time penalty, so no reason to do anything else but sing. Also, the team hit/damage/AC and mental protection bonuses provided while singing are powerful, and only get stronger at higher levels and will multiply with the kind of summoned creatures your casters can create.

  • ekoletekolet Member Posts: 2
    Can I somehow fit aerie in that party? She is one of the three NPCs I want in my party.

  • bob_vengbob_veng Member Posts: 2,300
    i'd go with:
    cleric/thief (or swashie > cleric), dorn, korgan, sarevok, edwin, haer'dalis

    ...for something fun and melee oriented

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    Some candidates:
    Aerie (as you said you want her)
    Neera (wild magic lets Neera contend with Edwin for top spot as a pure Mage)
    Jan (his flasher bruisers are ridiculously OP as demonstrated by @semiticgod)
    Keldorn (because Carsomyr)

    Which leaves one spot for, well, anyone. Rasaad or Korgan are the best choices. I'd go a Rasaad for alignment consistency but maybe try both. Can replace with Sarevok in ToB possibly.

    PC should be a frontline character. I like FMC for this party but lots of things can work.

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