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Nashkel Mines Final Fight troubles

I`m in Nashkel mines fighting a guy named mulahey and i keep constantly dying and this is my current party
Me (a gnome lvl 2 illutionist/lvl 3 thief)
Khalid lvl 3
Jaheria lvl 2 fighter/ lvl 3 druid
ajantis lvl 3
nerra lvl 3 wild mage
rassad lvl 2 monk
Can you give me any tips?



  • thelovebatthelovebat Member Posts: 218
    edited June 2015
    On top of what GreenWarlock said, another thing to remember is that some classes start off much weaker or progress more slowly than others, and this can effect your party makeup or the difficulty of fights. Monks are one of those classes, and obviously Rasaad is a Monk. Even with the special boots Rasaad gets to wear, he's an extremely weak character early in the game because Monks at the early levels are arguably the worst class to have. They take time to develop into a good class, and Rasaad is only level 2. Rasaad's main stats are also quite possibly some of the lowest in the whole game for any character, a crippling factor for such a slow starting class. Monks also progress in the game differently than someone like a Fighter, since they don't get the same THACO progression (their chance to hit basically), Monks progress at the rate of Thieves in that area and don't have the same early game or stat benefits of other characters because he's a Monk.

    When you encountered Dorn outside the Nashkel Mines, you should have been able to pick up a magical sword from that encounter that Rasaad can use. Since his fists don't get good as weapons until he gets at least a few levels, have him use that weapon or give him a sling.

    Other small things that could be effecting you which I could recommend.

    Have Ajantis as the party leader, since he has the highest Charisma stat of any NPC you can get. This helps in various ways, but one thing it helps out with is group morale, and Khalid is a character who has trouble being a Fighter sometimes due to him losing morale so easily. A party leader with high Charisma can help mitigate this in such a hard fight where Khalid will certainly take a hit or two. To make someone other than your character the party leader, left & right click at the same time on the portrait of the character you'd like to move into the party leader role. Then hold the left & right click dragging that character's portrait on the right side of the screen up to the top of the portrait order, and they'll be the party leader. If you're doing it right, there will be an audio voiceover from that character confirming they're now the leader. The portrait order on the right also effects formations, so Fighters go closer to the top while physically weaker spellcasters or Thieves go closer to the bottom.

    Use your Paladin and your Druid to use buffing spells and abilities before the fight starts, to make the start of the fight go that much better. Also use any healing spells they have to make sure your party is as healed up as possible. Your Paladin can use the Lay on Hands ability, and Jaheira should have a basic healing spell she can use.

    Try keeping your party together if you can. Consolidate them in the room that Mulahey is in, focusing as much fire on him as you can to interrupt his spellcasting and take him down as soon as possible. Keep either Khalid or Ajantis at the entrance of the chamber to use as a choke point for holding off all the little guys and skeletons that pop up, while the five others are killing Mulahey first.

    Give Khalid and Ajantis a few healing potions in case of emergency during the battle, since they'll be the ones you want to use at any of the choke points to hold off the group of enemies you'll have to deal with after Mulahey is taken out. Jaheira with a blunt weapon like a staff can be useful behind them against the skeletons if she can reach them for attacking. Rasaad in this fight should probably not put himself in harm's way, so a sling is probably best for this fight unless an enemy or two moves to attack him. Your other characters should be casting whatever spells you have and pelting from a distance. Patience will win the fight, as you essentially have to outlast the mob of skeletons and kobolds. Just keep your Fighters in front as best you can, have them drink any potions you'd need them to, and focus fire enemies to take them out one by one.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,050
    If you get the chance pop on over to High Hedge and pick up Spook or Blindness. This should help keep Mulahey occupied while you focus on the creatures that have come to assist him.

  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,481
    The key to any spell caster battle is interrupting their casting. A wand of magic missile works wonders for that.

    Have one person send a bolt firing at him every time he begins to chant. Have one of your fighters focus on him while everyone else goes critter hunting.

    Once the critters are at a reasonable level, focus all your attention on th priest.

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