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i was running around D'arnise

I was running around the areas doing quests and decided to finally go to D'arnise and i went into a room and found good loot and then an huge golem comes out and kills everyone heres my party
Me Illutionist level 14 thief 15
Cernd Shapeshifter level 14
Anomen Fighter level 7 cleric level 14 (lawful Good)
Nalia Thief level 4 Mage level 14
Minsc ranger level 15
(Saving a spot for Neera)
So any tips?


  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,829
    First, a common strategy for dealing with that guy is to retreat into the other room, from which you came. The Iron Golem can't get through the doorway, so you can hit it from afar, in safety.

    You need +3 weapons to hit it. Spells won't work against it, except for Cernd's Earthquake, which I believe will hurt your party as well. Minsc can use Lilarcor from the sewers beneath the Copper Coronet, Anomen can use the Flail of Ages (the components are all in the De'Arnise hold itself; one is in the golem room) or the Mace of Disruption (available from Bodhi's lair), your mages can use Melf's Minute Meteors (there are scrolls on sale at Waukeen's Promenade), and Cernd can summon Fire Elementals to help out as well. Beyond that, just keep them buffed and hasted, with Draw Upon Holy Might and Righteous Magic on Anomen.

    If all else fails, you can just loot the room and flee. That golem can't follow after you, so you can get everything you want without fighting it. That just costs you some XP.
  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,592
    If you are interested in the loot only, I advice you get a couple of invisibility potions and drink them immediately after grabbing the loot, to flee the room. Just send one character, you do not need more, but be sure he has enough room in his inventory. If you want the experience as well, @semiticgod said it all
  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Yes, for that room, using (the fact that the Iron Golem can't get through) the doorway is the key tactic for most ways of winning.

    A cheaper way of looting (i.e. without expending Potions of Invisibility) is to keep your party outside the doorway (i.e. out of sight of the golems), and then have Anomen cast Sanctuary on himself, and then just walk in, take the loot and walk out. The golems ignore Anomen because he's Sanctuaried (that's the whole point of Sanctuary), and your other guys are out of sight, so they don't attack anyone. Unlike some other ways of being unseen, opening the containers (to get at the loot) doesn't cancel Sanctuary.

    Even if you want the XP for fighting the golems (and who doesn't?), it can make sense to loot the room first (using Sanctuary or Invisibility) to get the Flail of Ages component, then go down to the secret forge on the ground level to assemble the Flail, then come back upstairs to the chapel and step into view to trigger the battle with the golems ... because that way, you now have the Flail of Ages +3, which is one of the weapons which can hit the Iron Golem. Depending upon the order in which you've done things, this might be the only weapon you have which is capable of hitting the Iron Golem.

    When fighting the Iron Golem, note that from time to time he'll emit a small Gas Cloud which is poisonous. If your melee fighters are weak against poison (which is likely at this stage), then it can be sensible to step back when he uses his gas attack and wait it out - it only lasts a few seconds. Of course you can continue to attack from range while waiting, if you have any weapons (such as Melf's Minute Meteors) which can hurt him from range.

    Since this is your first run through, you may also wish to note that for the Clay Golems (which might make it out of the doorway to attack you before the Iron Golem blocks it with his bulk, or otherwise will attack you after the Iron Golem falls), only magical blunt weapons work (but fortunately not requiring +3!) (Against the Stone and Flesh Golems, any magical melee weapons weapons will work, so they're easier to deal with.)
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