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Yes, another mod install topic

rossbach451rossbach451 Member Posts: 101
I used the stickied modlist compatible for BG2:EE, using the download links available. I then found what I believed to be my game directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\BeamDog\Games\00783). I tried to install DungeonBeGone, and tested it in game. It worked, no issues. I then returned to the list and began installation of the mods in order. TotDG was first on the list, and gave me the "wrong directory, d-bag" message (at least that was how it felt :)). Same with Back to Brynnlaw. At that point I stopped. I did read there might be other locations for where you install mods, but why did one work and now the others do not? I did check, and most if not all said they were updated for EE. Please help!


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