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[MOD] Keldorn Firecam Romance ToB Content - Download Link

BaldursCatBaldursCat Member Posts: 432
edited January 2015 in General Modding
Before Christmas a community member expressed their disappointment at the lack of Throne of Bhaal content in Berelinde's (excellent) romance mod for Keldorn Firecam.

There is content for ToB but it was never made officially available outside of a public beta, which afaik, was only shared via a link on the Petals & Thorns gamers forum. Unfortunately both the forum & Berelinde's hosting site are now offline so I've uploaded my copy of the mod and am making the link available here:

Our lovely Moderators indicated that this should be okay but if anyone knows Berelinde & knows of any reason why she might not be okay with this please let me know as it is her work.

A couple of notes on the mod:-

I'm posting it here in General Modding rather than the BGIIEE sub-forum as it hasn't been tested with this version of the game, I don't even know if it runs but I will give it a go at some point. If you have already ran it please post your experiences.

Suffice to say there isn't any content for the new NPCs in BGIIEE.

Remember, this is a Beta version it's mostly fine but there are a couple of small issues, one being a dialogue early on the additional content that doesn't have a resolution. It's not something that will break your game and is just a banter discussion rather than a Lovetalk.

The Mod readme is in the spoiler tags below.

berelinde's Keldorn Romance

Version beta 20120116
Languages: English
Platforms: Windows

I. Overview
II. Compatibility
III. Installation
IV. Romance Walkthrough
V. Quest Walkthrough
VI. Credits
VII. Contact Information
VIII. Legal Stuff
IX. Version History

I. Overview

This mod adds a romance for female PCs and a quest for Keldorn.

II. Compatibility

This mod is designed to work with Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn.
It requires the Throne of Bhaal expansion.

III. Installation

The Keldorn Romance is packaged and installed with WeiDU. If properly
extracted, you should have a "keldorn_rom" folder and setup-keldorn_rom.exe
in your game directory. To install, simply double-click setup-keldorn_rom.exe
and follow the instructions on screen.

Please run setup-keldorn_rom.exe in your game directory to reinstall
or uninstall.

IV. Romance Walkthrough

***Note: If you played the SoA beta, this part is slightly different

When Keldorn asks to visit his family, go with him.

Go with Keldorn while he confronts Sir William and then return with him when
he goes to speak with Maria afterward. Allow him to remain with Maria or retain
him in your party, as you prefer.

If you allowed him to remain with Maria, he will return to you five days later.
If you asked him to remain with your party, a messenger will summon him home five
days later. Keldorn will leave, but he will return the next day.

After that, just let the romance play out. Keldorn can be removed from the party
when necessary, but he must be in the party when you transition to ToB. If he is
not, strange things will probably happen. There is no option to summon "my
lover, Keldorn."

This is really not the romance for multi-romancers. Any committed romance
will kill Keldorn's.

V. Quest Walkthrough

If your PC is female and eligible for romance, the quest will begin 2 days after
Keldorn rejoins the party. If your PC is ineligible for romance, the quest begins
once Keldorn and Maria reconcile (they still have to reconcile).

Quest starts when Keldorn literally bumps into an old acquaintance, Zasheida, in
the Docks. Follow her to the Sea's Bounty.

Gain access to her room either by her invitation, by bribing or coercing the
porter into giving you the key, or by asking the Thumb which room is hers and
either picking or forcing the lock.

The journal found in the room will take you to a warehouse in the Slums, where
the party will find livery.

The livery will point to the safe house in the Gov't district. Keldorn has to take
you there. If it's daylight when you find the livery, he'll offer to take you
immediately, or you can ask him to take you there later via PID.

At the safe house, there are a variety of ways to distract the butler and get the
documents you need.

One day later, Vakola confronts Keldorn in the Slums.

If you decide to find an artist, you can get a "mug shot." Take the sketch around
the Slums asking if anyone has seen him. Shopkeepers won't rat him out, but beggars
will, for 10 gp. If you talk to the landlord at the boarding house, he'll tell you
to look for Vakola at the Sea's Bounty.

If you let the matter drop, Vakola will find Keldorn himself 3 days later.

Either way, you'll wind up in a back alley.

There are both peaceful and violent endings.

VI. Credits

Editors: StoneDog, Kitanna, Bookwyrme, and jastey
Music: "Medieval City" by Partners in Rhyme

WeiDU -
Crimson Editor -
WeiDU Crimson and ConTEXT Highlighters -
IETME -;sa=view;down=4
Bam Batcher -

VII. Contact Information

berelinde can be reached at [email protected]

VIII. Legal Stuff

This mod may not be sold, published, compiled or redistributed in any form without
the consent of its author. This includes changes imposed by the BiG World Fixpack.

Other Baldur's Gate 2 modders may make free use of this modification, however,
using whatever variables, dialogue resources, or script resources that they choose.
Feel free to interject into quest or romance dialogue, or comment upon it in your own mods.

IX. Version History

beta 20120116 - First public beta

This mod may not be your cup of tea, this isn't the place to discuss that, though I will say that if you're playing a male PC it does add a nice side-quest that isn't romance dependent.



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