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Steam/Beamdog questions

I bought BG1EE and found I enjoyed it greatly. Recently I joined the Steam community and found BG2EE as well as IWDEE. I just picked them up a little while ago and meant to ask... I did not see those two titles on my list of games on my beamdog account. Does buying the games from steam keep me from being recognized on beamdog site. Now then... Does buying the game on Steam cut Beamdog out of the financial loop? I would much much rather be handing my money to Beamdog if it were the case that Steam was not giving Beamdog its proper due. I guess I am being picky but I would love to support this company for bringing back something I love, as well as the willingness to add to the series with a certain expansion :). Anyway, I hope to find out where this goes and I apologize in advance if I picked the wrong part of the forum to post it!


  • KilivitzKilivitz Member Posts: 1,459
    Buying the games on Steam (or GoG) will make Beamdog money, albeit less than it would have made if you had purchased it directly from their store.

    Obviously, I can't speak for the staff, but I'm sure they appreciate any sale regardless of what platform you chose.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,017
    Yes, if you buy the games from Steam, you can't see them in your Beamdog account.

    It's completely up to you where you do buy a game. But if you do it from Beamdog, you can rest assured that the developers are the ones who get the money, not a third company.

    It seems that the amount of instruments regarding the Beamdog store and Steam is increasing. With Siege of Dragonspear, if you buy on you can get a Steam key. After the release of the game you can contact [email protected] to request a Steam key.

    I've always bought from Beamdog and this is why I've always got patches as soon as they have been out:)

  • Well thank you bengoshi, It looks like when Dragonspear comes out I will just buy it directly from beamdog. Looking forward to it all the way!

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