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BG:EE Android: Voice Set Suggestions?

I'm disappointed with the female voice sets and stumbled across the mod site spell hold studios, but I wanna know what you guys use for voices in your games, if they're usable with Android versions, suggestions, so on.


  • Brer_RabbitBrer_Rabbit Member Posts: 159
    I wonder if they work on Android... gonna post and see! ;)

  • Brer_RabbitBrer_Rabbit Member Posts: 159
    I ran @Isaya of the French "Baldur's Gate General Discussion" thread through Google Translator and got this:


    This method has been tested with the beta version of Bgee made available by Beamdog for volunteers registering with them.
    I'm not able to guarantee that it works with the 01/03/2053 version of the game (last official patch).

    Environmental Constitution for install mods

    There is no version for Android WeiDU, it is also why we must first set up on a Windows computer (potentially as Mac OS X or Linux, with the installation of the Go language centralfix generation program from its sources), an equivalent game environment to that of a game installed on the local computer from the game is installed on the tablet or Android phone.

    Connect the tablet or phone to your computer

    Depending on your operating system, you may need an operation to make a new player appears on the desktop or workstation

    With the Explorer, go to the drive following the apparent connection

    If multiple drives appear (this is the case between the "Internal Memory" and any SD cards, either physical or simulated), go to the "Internal Memory"

    Then go to the Android folder / OBB / com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition

    You should find out two files with an extension .obb:

    Note: the numbers after hand and patch differ from one version to another game

    On the drive of your computer, create a directory BGEE_Android

    Copy both files are obb

    On the hard drive, rename the copied files by changing the extension to .zip

    Extract in the same directory the two zip files obtained, starting with the file

    You should get the following tree:






    Actual installation mods

    Extract the directory contents of the archives BGEE_Android mods you want to install

    Make sure to update the executable setup-XXXX these mods for the latest version of WeiDU as shown in this procedure

    Start the installation of mods in the recommended order, following the instructions specific to the operating system your computer

    Creating the mod archive to transfer to Android

    Go to the directory lang / en_US since BGEE_Android

    Select dialog.tlk dialogF.tlk and files, then select Copy to clipboard

    Create a new temporary directory, for example Arbo_pour_Android

    Create that directory tree a lang / en_US

    Copy the files placed in the clipboard

    Copy the override directory from BGEE_Android to Arbo_pour_Android

    Launch your usual zip archive program

    Drag and drop or any other equivalent method, add from the directory Arbo_pour_Android lang directories and override the archive

    In the archive creation options, be sure to indicate that you should not apply compression

    For example, with 7-Zip (Windows), you must specify the archive format: zip compression level: None.

    Create the archive and give it a name such as

    Copy the centralfix.exe program in the same directory as the created archive

    Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory where the archive was created

    Note: Windows 7 and above, simply select the folder in Explorer, to keep down the Shift key and click the right mouse button to bring up a "Open Command Window Here", that 'just select

    Type the command


    It prepares the archive so that it is recognized by Bgee / BG2EE as additional content for the game.

    Transfer the archive to Android mods

    Copy the archive obtained on the tablet by placing it in the Android / data / com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition / files (beware, this is not the same as at the beginning).


    The files dialog.tlk / dialogF.tlk and override directory are the bare minimum to be included in the archive. This should match the needs of most mods.
    Depending mods, you may need to add more items to the archive:

    for mods that build bif files, it will copy into Arbo_pour_Android will replenish the tree Arbo_pour_Android a tree containing a data directory in which you recopierez the bif files created by the mod

    for a mod that adds music (often NPC mods), you must copy the files added by the mod in the music directory, creating a music directory in Arbo_pour_Android, and are copying the files (use the classification by date in the music directory to find them)

    for mods that add scripts, such as BPSeries, it will also copy from the directory script component modifications or added by creating a script directory Arbo_pour_Android

    It will then also include all the files in the archive

    Note: This list is not exhaustive.

    It is not necessary to transfer on the tablet directories mods (the game does not need to operate). By cons you'd better keep intact BGEE_Android directory in order to update, delete or add mods for your party. If changing your mods installed, you must repeat the process of creating the archive mods for Android and modifying the archive by centralfix.exe.

    Note that the game supports multiple archives constituted in the manner indicated. In my test case, I had been an archive composed files to partially recover the voices in French (identical content to that proposed for computers in this discussion).


    I don't believe the .tlk files are accessible on mobile, @Dee? Are mods still a no-go for mobiles? Any updates on whether this can be changed in the future or is it financially infeasible?

  • T2avT2av Member Posts: 202
    edited September 2015

    I wonder if they work on Android... gonna post and see! ;)

    I'm on Android what you do is make a folder called sounds in your data/files main folder. Copy all the .wav files into that. It will then work.

    If you have any questions or anything with modding in Android for bg2ee or Icewind dale, feel free to message me. I've got a tonne of mods working. The general rule of thumb is, override only mods(you create the override folder and drag and drop), and or hex editing to change avatars Fighter/mage with mage avatar etc, stats etc.

    I have not tested what you have posted, and cannot verify if that works.

  • Brer_RabbitBrer_Rabbit Member Posts: 159
    Thank you @T2av! Do you have any recommendations for sound sets as well?

  • DarthAdamDarthAdam Member Posts: 1
    I'm new to messing around with files in Android. I can get into the games folders but I don't see the .WAV files. I don't have them installed on an SD card. Any suggestions?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,803
    HI @DarthAdam, and welcome to the forum. Not sure which game you are talking about but in general they are all the same. I will use BG1EE as an example:

    If you go to the following folder and create a subfolder called 'sounds'


    ending up with

    Assuming all of your sound files meet the right naming convention, place your .wav files into that folder. When you start the game next, you will have the additional soundset in the character creation screen or customise character screen. Be aware that there wont be any text on the screen that relates to the soundbytes. If you want text as well, it will need to be a mod install (use the link in the second post).

    Happy gaming

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