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What would be a good solo run?

SlotySloty Member Posts: 113
I played so often with a group and now want to prove myself if I could take insane difficulty as a solo.
Which class or combination of classes had you the most fun with soloing?

I also will have the problem with loot.
Is there a bag of holding or something I can add via EEkeeper?

I am thinking to start immediately in hof mode,but not on level one.Which level would you suggest me to at least have for this mode and how many xp do I need then?



  • SlotySloty Member Posts: 113
    Well, I decided to go F/M/C now.
    Think this will be a strong combination.

    Can you help me with choosing the right weapons(plus styles) for her?

  • PibaroPibaro Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,989
    I know it doesn't look like, but you are writing in the italian suborum.
    Maybe @Metalloman can help here.

    Anyway, you need to summon some monster to survive HoF mode, but you won't find such spells in the first part of the game.
    Your mage will not be able to cast any medium or high level spell, even if he's going to be a high level mage soon.
    The starting known spells of your f/m/c is going to be more important than his starting level.

  • DavideDavide Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 1,664
    Moved to the proper international section.

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    It's not too hard to start solo HoF from level 1 if you find the right strategies.

  • KingGhidorahKingGhidorah Member Posts: 200
    I would start HoF at 1st level and pick charm person and find familiar as 1st level spells.
    Do the easthaven quests so you can get hold person as a lvl2 cleric spell.
    This in combination with charm and your familiar should get you past the first batch of goblins.

    After that, it shouldn't take long before you get animate dead. As soon as you get animate dead, the game will get easier, a lot.

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,434
    edited August 2015
    Surprisingly I had a lot of fun soloing a half-orc assassin (but not on HoF).

    Also, you can buy a bag of holding from Orrick.

  • LiggLigg Member Posts: 187
    I'm doing a HoF solo run with a F/M/C. You can level up very quickly in Easthaven.
    Get XP safely by:
    Killing the bugs in the tavern basement using a sling bullets. They don't fight back if you use missile weapons. You'll probably only hit them on a critical roll. Bring a LOT of bullets, set up the AI to standard fight, then leave it while you go and make your dinner. Come back every so often to make sure you're quiver isn't running low.
    There are non combat quests - fetching wine and speaking to the sirine woman.
    Choose charm as a level 1 spell. It will help you with the goblins. You might even have cleric hold person by this point.
    If you can't summon skeletons then the wolves outside the cave can be an issue. If you can then the rest of the game is yours.
    I haven't used find familiar as mentioned above. I'm curious what the familiar is. And which would be best.

  • RamiellRamiell Member Posts: 58
    edited September 2015
    I'd suggest thief to be one of those classes of your multi class character, at least you will be able to easily disarm those countless traps you find on your way.

  • T2avT2av Member Posts: 202
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