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Multiplayer crash problems

NafilolzNafilolz Member Posts: 4
edited October 2015 in Troubleshooting
General infos:

1. Game Version (Baldur's gate: Enhanced edition)


2. System Information

Operating System: Windows 8
CPU: i5 3570
GPU: Gtx 660 ti
System RAM: 8gb

3. Mod Information
No mods

So, single player works just fine. But as soon as we try to connect to each other using the TCP/Ip protocol (we also using hamachi) we can join the initial lobby just fine. The problem comes out when someone creates or pick an existing character, at that point the game just crashes. We tried everything already, port forwording (even if we're using hamachi), trying to make everyone host the game, trying every fix out there (every guide we found, even on this forum and/or steam forum) like checking if we had the same version of the game, checking the portrait folder and make sure it's the same, using tunngle or gameranger instead of hamachi and many others. Nothing helped at all, the problem is always theere and its always the same.

Can someone help please, we're getting crazy here xD


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,668
    Hi @Nafilolz
    Have you checked for updates, version 1.3.2053 is showing when I look at the Steam store. If you update please advise if the situation improves.

  • NafilolzNafilolz Member Posts: 4
    We tried already, but we rollbacked to a previous version because 2 of us had major problems with the latest one.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,668
    From memory the earlier version had limited multiplayer success and I doubt you will get much help from the forums as I've not seen anything to indicate staying down-version is a common choice.

    What issues did you have with the latest patch.

  • NafilolzNafilolz Member Posts: 4
    edited October 2015
    Ok we updated it to the v1.3.2053, but the problem is still there and it's excatly the same. We think it's probably due to windows permissions or something but, we didn't succeed on fixing it.

    Funny thing is the problem isn't fixed even by joining the game using the beamdog servers and not via TCP/IP with hamachi... So i guess it's something program-related, but can't figure the damn reason, it's been 3 days i search on the itnernet non stop to try fixing it xD

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,668
    OK. If you double-click the game exe, you can start two instances on the same computer. This should allow you to check both computers independently and may help work out where the issue is.
    - Try to create a game and join it successfully via Beamdog using one computer for host and client.
    - Repeat for the second computer to see if it can host and join.

    If it doesn't work for one of them.
    - Check the Windows Firewall to see if the game is blocked.
    - Check your router to see if something like uPNP needs to be enabled.

  • NafilolzNafilolz Member Posts: 4
    Well, if i open 2 instances on my computer, it just works, no crash whatsoever. I can both join with one or another or viceversa anything, it works perfectly. Will make my freinds try and update you later, thanks btw!

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