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Ninde Romance crashes in BG2:EE

Big_MurrayBig_Murray Member Posts: 69
I'm in the Underdark, and Ninde initiates a lovetalk on rest. Except that the dialogue causes a crash at a specific point, at the time when she says her piece beginning:

"Little did I know my family, the Amblecrowns, were about to fall into decline."

I can stop the crash by just blowing her off, but I'm assuming that ends the romance. I know this is a specific mod, but the forums for that mod have been dead for a long time now. Just seeing if anyone knows why this crash might be happening.


  • RhaellaRhaella Member, Developer Posts: 178
    Weird. The crash is happening right at that line or once you get to the responses to it?

    Unless you're blowing her off in the very beginning with that "I'd rather eat envy" line, though, you won't be killing the romance by telling her to get lost.
  • Big_MurrayBig_Murray Member Posts: 69
    The crash happens as soon as I click the button to progress to the next line. Straight up "BG2 has stopped responding".

    Good to know that the romance doesn't die if I blow her off the line before that though. At least makes it so I can skip this and hope that it doesn't happen again.
  • AranneasAranneas Member Posts: 282
    hang on to your save game from before just in case, might end up useful in chasing your issue ^.^
  • nullsetnullset Member Posts: 37
    Found it. In @207 of LK#Nindj.tra, "naive" is spelled (correctly, actually) with a "ï" with an umlaut instead of a dot over the eye. Change that to a rregular "i" and you are good to go. Either modify the .tra file and reinstall, or edit LK#NINDJ.dlg using Near Infinity and run the sequence over again.
  • nullsetnullset Member Posts: 37
    There is another bug in the LK#NINDJ.dlg file. There are a couple of places where the InParty("Imoen") trigger is used. In BG2EE, the correct DV (Death Variable) for Imoen is "Imoen2". That should be InParty("Imoen2").
  • GrimLefourbeGrimLefourbe Member Posts: 637
    Bump, this still happens on the BWS version of the mod, shouldn't that kind of thing be integrated into the BWS fixes?
  • Fina92Fina92 Member Posts: 284
    @Big_Murray I can confirm this issue as the same has happened to me now. Twice.

    It says on the Ninde webpage though (spellhold studios), that if one happens to encounter any problems we are simply supposed to point it out to K'aeloree (also known as @LiamEsler ). Correct me if I'am wrong, but it should not be supertricky to update the mod with these changes now since @nullset already identified the problem, right?
  • GwendolyneGwendolyne Member Posts: 461
    Bugs fixed in v3.0, now available for EET.
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