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Baldur's Gate cake

Several days ago I had my 27th birthday. Nothing unusal about the day itself, I never really celebrated my birthday and especially namesday (it's on Christmas, so no one would notice anyway). On several occasions I would gather some of my friends to sit and have fun and most of the time I would buy the present for myself, since I know what I like etc. I don't like huge celebrations and partying in general.

This time however my girlfriend decided that if I don't want to celebrate my birthday, she'll take care of it. She invited some of our friends and ordered a huge cake for me, but not some ordinary cake with 27 candles, or something. No, she ordered a cake with a front cover of Baldur's Gate (Polish version), which looks like this:


And the cake itself:



She and my friends know how much I love this game and I was speechless. That's the best brithday cake I could wish for. I was hesistant to cut it, but it tasted as good as it looked. I still have some of it left, it was that huge.

You must eat the cake before venturing forth.



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