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Get Long Bow +4: Hammer WITHOUT Losing Reputation

MapleMaple Member Posts: 26
( HoW AR9104 ) Emmerich Hawk just disappears maybe in 2 seconds after he turns hostile.

The way I find viable includes:

1. Feeblemind : He will stay put until you cut him down . Reloads are required, and reputation will drop.

2. Finger of Death : He will die instantly. Reloads are required, and reputation will drop.

3. Shapechange + Improved Haste + Timestop : He will die a mindless death. No reload required, no reputation drop.

4. Feeblemind + Protection from Evil 10' Radius + Cacofiend / Summon Fiend/ Gate : He will be slained by demons. Reloads are required, no reputation drop.

Edit 1: Sorry I just figure out I can lower the difficulty to normal. Then no spells are required and I can cut him down in 2 seconds. Yet I am still wondering if there are other ways to kill without losing reputation.

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