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BG2EE: 'Return to Harper Hold' quest: Jaheira is not in the 2nd floor of Harper Hold

GrimmGrimm Member Posts: 7
Howdy y'all. A buddy of mine and I are playing BG2EE together and have done all the Jaheira quests up through "Return to Harper Hold". However, Jaheira isn't on the 2nd floor where she's supposedly supposed to be. Here's the order of events:

*We got the letter after resting outside and the quest log has directed us to the Harper Hold in the Docks district.
*We did a LOT of other stuff in the meantime (several days worth of stuff, including the Planar Sphere quest).
*We went to the Harper Hold and there were mercenaries on the first floor, which was expected.
*We went up to the 2nd floor, and nobody's there.

The party's reputation is currently 11, and we are NOT romancing her. The only mod we're using is the all-strongholds mod (nothing else has been toggled on).

If there's a CLUAConsole command for Jaheira in that location, I wasn't able to find it.

Any help would be great - thanks so much.


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