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How does Sun Soulray work?

I cannot for the life of me figure out how the monk ability Sun Soulray works. What is the shape / area of effect of this ability? It seems utterly random. I can have Rasheed use it on an enemy that is surrounded by 3 or 4 enemies and it will only just hit 1 ... other times it hits every single evemy on the screen, plus eveyr single party member that's behind Rasheed (even my archers!).

Is it a 30 ft blast? It doesnt seem like it because sometimes it hits allies that are 20 feet behind him and sometimes it doesnt.. sometimes it hits 1 enemy in a cluster of enemies, other times it hits all of them.

I'm just trying to figure out how to use this stupid ability without frying my party members, but I cant do it without understand the shape / area this ability has. At least fireball tells me it has a 30ft radius so I know how to cast it and avoid hitting my friends... but there's no detailed description for this ability and even after using it a dozen times I can only deduce the shape and area of the attack are utterly random.


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