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New items?

There's supposed to be a lot of new items, but how many of them are SoD-specific? Because right after SoD you're stripped of your gear plotwise, so I hope that many of those items are BG2 and ToB items instead of, you know, something to be taken away from you right after you find it.


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,071
    I moved this thread from the german sub-forum to the international section.

    We know that "there’s more new items in SoD than there were in either of the original expansions." "There're over 100 new magic items".

    One of them has been confirmed to be a "Bard Hat": This ostentatious peacock-blue hat is festooned with green and purple feathers. Once the possession of an unfailingly chipper bard, the hat was stolen when the bard couldn't resist showing off the hat in a seedy tavern and bragging about its magical powers. In truth the hat has only moderate enchantments on it, but its stylish appearance makes it a coveted choice for many bards. - Immunity to silence and deafness - Bard song effects linger on for 2 additional rounds after the bard stops singing

    I know there items in the Black Pits that are from BG2, even from ToB.

    So, I guess it will be a mix between items from BG2 and newly designed items.

    Also, there will be changes to import lists, so there're possibilities that several items that are only SoD-specific will be transferrable to the Irenicus's dungeon.

  • KaiketsuKaiketsu Member Posts: 38
    German sub-forum? how on earth did I make a thread there? : O

    Bard's hat sounds great. I hope we'll get a batch of new items that will allow new playstyles <3

  • Mikey205Mikey205 Member Posts: 302
    If you watch the live feed they said some items will import, but they're not going to be on that bench in irenicus dungeon. Instead theyll be scattered around the world. This sounds awesome to me.

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