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Planar sphere mod \ Mage guild mod

fthkufthku Member Posts: 21
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if the planar sphere mod is compatible with EE? and if it isn't, is there someone currently\willing to work on it?
I'd love for that mod to be in EE, it was one of my favorite mods- albeit the rather.. childish writing (no offense to the maker if he's here), it gave the sphere LIFE. It was great.

I'd love to able to join the Cowled Wizards again (I know most of you hate them), or even better, some other guild of mages! I always loved mage types, in practically every game I played, and I feel BG always lacked in that department- Thieves get a guild to run and an interesting questline, Warriors get a castle, lands and a LOT of quests etc etc I think most would agree the other strongholds are rather extensive compared to the mostly boring Mage one.
If anyone is interested in making a big mod that allows Mages to join a guild or a group (doesn't have to be Cowled Wizards, there's the Red Wizards of Thay etc.) I'd be happy to help- my modding experience is limited, I've only done private spell\item\dialogue\minor scripts, but I always found it pretty easy to understand, so I'd be willing to contribute.


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