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Homemade sprites?

enqenqenqenq Member Posts: 497
So I have this idea for a mod. I can't code, but I can probably figure that out. I have no voice acting or music, but I can live without those if I have to. What I can't do is make it fly with the selection of sprites the game has. Oh, and I can't draw. Of all the can'ts, that's the strongest one.

So is it possible to add your own sprites? Possibly add to the list of can'ts: Can't search well enough to find the answer. Of course, I do not put it beyond my genius that I'm simply the first to have thought of this since the birth of BG1.

If it is possible, how many souls do I have to sell to an artist to make them? There is an existing sprite that could be worked upon, though I promise you from the very core of my being that without aforementioned work, that sprite will not suffice.

I'm probably looking at spending lots of time and some money just to make this idea a reality, and I'm not sure it's worth that much to me, but do tell me if the sprite problem can be solved at least, and just how much I should expect to have to cough up for a bunch of custom sprites.


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