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[Resource Pack] Extended Animations

viaderviader Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 875
edited November 2013 in General Modding
Hi modders, I created big pack with animations for you!

What is idea this pack?
Add as much as possible new animations for BGEE and BG2EE, from others IE games

Do you use others works?
I used only tools DLTCEP, NearInfinity, BAMWorkshop, WEIDU and conversions animations from PST by @Cuv, thanks @Cuv! Everything else is my job for now. I have hope that, you help and it will change :)

How long did you do it?
I started making pack on 13th June.

How can I install it
Like, others mods. Just download pack from here:

What does pack contain?
This pack contain all animations from BG, BG2, BGEE, IWD, IWD2, PST. There are ~162 animations. To comparison - orginal game has ~280 entry in ANIMATE.IDS and there are many repeating animations (recolored). There are all soundset too, but I didn't tested it too much, and there aren't soundsets for PST yet. There are entries of ANIMATE.IDS EXTSPEED.2DA EXTANIM.2DA and my work-file.csv, weidu, one script and one program.

How can I help?
You can help on many ways:
1.) Testing slots
2.) Find new animations
3.) Help with set soundsets
4.) Making new .cre which use animations and have everything good - weapon range, class, race, general, statistics. I would like to attach one creature per one animations. (and it shouldn't be "cat" or "wizeye").
5.) Describe animations from PST - I think about ANIMATE.IDS - there are many PST_SUPRISE
6.) Recolored animations from PST
If you make something, send it to me!

How works animations slots in BGEE?
So, we have externalize animations to 2 files: EXTANIM.2DA and EXTSPEED.2DA


I can only quote @Scottbrocks.

ARMOR_MAX_CODE = [0,1,2,3,4] max armor level. 4 = plate. It's basically set to 4 for all the characters except for the monk who has it set to 1
CAN_LIE_DOWN = [0, 1] Do we have frames where we are on the ground? Death animation checks this.
DETECTED_BY_INFRAVISION = [0,1] Are we detected by infravision
DOUBLE_BLIT = [0,1] Should probably always be set to 0, but the DEMB animation has this set to true.
EQUIP_HELMET = [0,1] Can they equip a helmet
SPLIT_BAMS = [0,1] Are the bams split
COLOR_BLOOD = [0-255] color palette lookup. Seems like 47 is pretty common
COLOR_CHUNKS = [0-255] used in EFFECT_EXPLODINGDEATH(8), seems to be either 0 or 255
FALSE_COLOR = [0,1] Tell it to use the character colors
HEIGHT_CODE = string - "WQM", "WQL", "WQS", etc. The prefix to the weapon animations. Will be set to "NONE" for most monsters.
HEIGHT_CODE_HELMET = string - same as above, but for the helmet animation
HEIGHT_CODE_SHIELD = string - see above
SND_FREQ = [0-255] Sound frequency. Lots of animations are set in under 10, then a few are quite high(150+, MGCP, MGCL, MDOG, etc)
PERSONAL_SPACE = [0-255] most are 3, dragons are 13
RESREF = string - animation resref. MDOG, ARAB, etc.
RESREF_ARMORBASE = single char, 'T' thief, 'W' wizard. This is the 4th character in CHM?
RESREF_ARMORSPECIFIC = single char, see above. Use when their armor code is equal to ARMOR_MAX_CODE
If you think that, it is end, you are almost right - for each animations you must search slot and most of slots doesn't work, because are reserved. Slots which works with IWD animations type:
0xE240 - 0xE2FF - free
0xE330 - 0xE3FF - free
0xE440 - 0xE4FF - free
0xE530 - 0xE5FF - free
0xE620 - 0xE6FF - free
0xE730 - 0xE7FF - free
0xE850 - 0xE8FF - free
0xE920 - 0xE9FF - free
0xEA30 - 0xEAFF - free
0xEB30 - 0xEBFF - free
0xEC30 - 0xECFF - free
0xED30 - 0xEDFF - free
0xEE20 - 0xEEFF - free

I reserved this range 0xE240 - 0xE2FF, in my pack, so we have little less space :)

Can you tell me, where the difference between your mod and Infinity Animations is? Except that IA isn't compatible to BGEE yet.
1. List with slots from Infinity Animations is useless for BGEE, because animations on these slots doesn't works!
2. This packed doesn't modified any .exe
3. Inifinity animations doesn't knows slots in EXTANIM.IDS and EXTSPEED, so...
4. Bams have others name, I used core name from orginal game.
7. Dynamic repaletted PST animations.
8. Authors :P

Special thanks
@Cuv for conversions, support and advice

How can I quick test it?
I made area with all animations (all it means that, there are old animations too), specially for you! I used Heroes III editor to make it, so area isn't beatifull. I separated this area to independent mod - you can download it here:
Install it and put in cheat console:

Some screenshots


V 2.0: add support for BG2EE
V 1.0: release

I wait on feedback :)

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