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Change Log for v2.0

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
edited March 2016 in The Road to v2.0
This thread will serve as a repository of all of the changes in this next release. Updates to builds will be detailed in subsequent posts.

Note: These are not the final release notes; those will be posted, with screenshots and full details of important changes, on the day that the update is released. If you see something in this list that you have a question about, post it in the Release FAQ thread and we'll do our best to provide explanations where possible.

The following are things that deserve better mention than just a bug ticket reference number. This list may grow as we track things down; there's a lot to sift through.
New class: Shaman!
UI Menu Redesign: Journal
UI Menu Redesign: Dialogue
UI Menu Redesign: Character Record
UI Menu Redesign: Inventory
UI Menu Redesign: Options
UI Menu Redesign: Mage Book
UI Menu Redesign: Priest Scroll
UI Menu Redesign: Scripts Customization
UI Menu Redesign: Map (Local)
UI Menu Redesign: Multiplayer

The following improvements come to you directly from our work on the Siege of Dragonspear expansion. These are things that we did in order to complete SoD, and because they're changes to the engine itself, they're being backported now to all Infinity Engine games.

Opcode 232 (Cast Spell On Condition) now supports spell states as conditions (17472)
(TobEx) NPC reactions to pick pocket attempts have been externalized to PPBEHAVE.2da (17221)
Ability scores that receive a bonus are now tinted green instead of red on the Record screen (12175)
The 'Find Traps' opcode now respects the 'Trap Undetectable' flag on doors (10645)
New Action: MoveToObjectOffset() (9124)
New Action: DisplayStringPointLog() (18435)
(TobEx) New Trigger: ImmuneToSpellLevel() (17273)
(TobEx) The effects of the default bard song have been externalized to BARDSONG.spl (17268)
Opcode 144 can now disable access to the inventory screen when param2 is set to 15 (17209)
New Trigger: StoryModeOn() (17180)
New Opcode: Make Unselectable (Opcode 365) (17061)
Opcode 145 (Disable Spellcasting Abilities) can now be used without receiving a feedback message (17058)
Status icons have been externalized to STATDESC.2da and can support any spell icon (17038)
Players may now equip an off-hand weapon while a ranged weapon is present in a quick weapon slot (16944)
Players can now equip a weapon or shield in the off-hand slot regardless of what weapons are in the quick weapon slots (12362)
(TobEx) Spellcasting failure due to damage has been externalized to CONCENTR.2da (16669)
Maximum spell level and maximum known spells are both now listed on the Record screen (16499)
Full break-downs of AC, THAC0, HP, and Damage can now be viewed by holding the Tab key while hovering the mouse over the relevant stat on the Inventory screen (15923)
The Mage Spellbook and Priest Scroll UI screens have been completely redesigned (14405)
The names of the saves generated by the SaveGame() action have been externalized to SAVEGAME.2da (13276)
New Opcode: Saving Throw vs. School (Opcode 346) (13015)
Variables in-game can now be set from baldur.lua using SetPrivateProfileString('Global','VariableName','1') (12964)
Players can now advance dialogue (as if pressing Continue or End Dialogue) by pressing the spacebar on a keyboard (12281)
When an item is selected on the Inventory screen, the portrait of the character best suited to that item will now be highlighted in yellow (12215)
New Opcode: Selective Enchantment Bonus (Opcode 344) (12212)
New Trigger: OriginalClass(O:Object*, I:Class*CLASS) (10930)
AI Scripts now prefer the weapon a character is most proficient with (10441)
New Action: DisplayStringHeadNoLog() (9910)
Spawn method should be improved (9491)
New Action: SetGlobalTimerRandom() (9664)
New Trigger: ClassLevel() (18153)
New Trigger: IsForcedRandomEncounterActive() (17659)
ForceRandomEncounter("") now clears the queue of forced encounters (17658)

This group lists changes made to BG:EE that were not technically bug fixes but were worth tweaking or improving.

The trolls encountered in OH3000 are now Snow Trolls (18093)
Bard songs now behave the same way as they do in BGII:EE (17882)
Bard songs no longer affect deafened creatures (17881)
Bard songs now break invisibility (17879)
Cloak of Fear no longer forces creatures to drop items from their inventory (17110)
Sun Soulray now only affect one target (6346)
Story Mode now works in BG:EE (17897)
The Stupefier +1 has been rebalanced (18166)
Bard songs of the same type no longer stack (17823)
Non-magical weapons made of metal no longer break once the Iron Crisis has been resolved

This group lists changes made to BGII:EE that were not technically bug fixes but were worth tweaking or improving.

Lazarus Librarus now has the Sleep and Protection from Petrification scrolls available for sale (18104)
Bard songs no longer affect deafened creatures (17880)
Bard songs now break invisibility (17878)
Dace now explains how to get out of Spellhold Maze (17864)
The initial SoA cutscene with Irenicus can now be skipped by pressing the Esc key (17559)
Cloak of Fear no longer forces creatures to drop items from their inventory (17111)
The Enchanted Weapon spell now affects the target's equipped weapon instead of creating one (16929)
Ioun stone weights have all been standardized to 0. (16375)
Devas can now detect when a character is diseased (16272)
[TBP2] The quest to obtain a salve of senile serenity now creates proper journal entries. (10922)
[TBP2] Cook now gives dumplings in exchange for a piece of the Concoctor (10916)
Viconia now receives a Holy Symbol of Shar at level 25 (9286)
Aerie now receives a Holy Symbol of Baervan Wildwanderer at level 25 (9285)
Story Mode now works in BGII:EE (17896)
Weapon proficiencies now respect limits based on level during character creation (16195)

The changes in this list affect both BG:EE and BGII:EE. When IWD:EE is updated, these changes will be rolled in there as well.

All language names are now displayed alphabetically (12399)
Movies are now listed in chronological order on the Movies screen (11793)
[TBP2] Deleting a character from the first party slot during party creation no longer causes issues with duplicated characters (17702)
Black Blade of Disaster now correctly sets long sword proficiency to grandmastery for the duration of the spell (17695)
Constitution of 20+ should no longer results in injured characters being healed when loading a save (16070)
Party members no longer make random selection sounds if their banters fail to initiate (16053)
Spell Trap now correctly refreshes 9th level spells (15537)
Wild Surge 13 (which polymorphs the caster into a wolf) now correctly changes the character's paperdoll on the Inventory screen (15314)
Having a familiar no longer prevents dialogues from starting (12604)
Monks imported from BG:EE now arrive in BGII:EE with the correct AC bonus (12059)
Increased APR from magical projectiles now ends correctly when they are depleted (11061)
Bonus spells from the Staff of Arundel are no longer lost when the quick weapon slot is selected while the game is paused (10734)
Project Image now correctly respects party summoning limits (9923)
AttackOneRound() now makes the correct number of attacks based on the creature's attacks per round (5681)
Party members no longer disappear when the party is moved en masse to a new area (such as the Pocket Plane in Throne of Bhaal) (15557)
Water and lava overlays now render correctly on Android devices (11069)
Interface elements in fullscreen mode will no longer become unresponsive on Windows operating systems when the display scaling is set to 150% (10500)
[Black Pits 2] Dual-classing a Berserker into a Mage no longer crashes the game or produces a blank spellbook (15994)
Importing a character with the Cavalier kit no longer results in duplicated damage resistances (13154)
Splitting stacks on the Inventory screen now works correctly when placing the second stack into its own inventory slot (5804)

This list describes all of the bugs we fixed that only affect BG:EE. Critical issues are listed first, followed by more minor changes.

Davaeorn's death cutscene now triggers correctly in all cases (8930)
Throwing axes no longer apply the wielder's strength bonus to THAC0 when when used at range (18177)
Trolls in the Black Pits are no longer unkillable (18145)
Snow may now occur in the Cloud Peaks (18115)
The loot pile in front of the cave entrance in the Cloud Peaks is now accessible (18090)
Beruel's Retort +1 and Golden Axe +1 are no longer usable by Beast Masters (18087)
The Stalker version of the Haste spell is no longer affected by magic resistance (18052)
Jaheira now knows the Harper's Call spell and can cast it when she gains access to the appropriate level of spells (18047)
Monk's Quivering Palm ability now only works with fist attacks (18040)
Throwing daggers should get strength bonus to damage and not get strength bonus to THAC0 (17898)
The Stalker kit's Minor Spell Deflection no longer displays Spell Turning icons (17541)
The Berserk ability now prevents combat log text from appearing with regard to effects to which the berserk character is immune (17391)
Summoned lesser fire elementals now have 64hp (17106)
Medium fire elementals now have a strength of 20 (17105)
Scrolls of Animate Dead, Cone of Cold, and Ice Storm are now sold in Sorcerous Sundries. (16971)
Tiax's Summon Ghast ability and description now match (16409)
Faldorn's Summon Dread Wolf ability and description now match (16408)
Aec'Letec's physical attack no longer causes unconsciousness (16099)
Aec'Letec now has proper immunities (16098)
Aldeth will no longer betray the protagonist after exposing Sarevok (16056)
Yeslick's Dispel Magic ability now dispels based on caster level (16035)
Yeslick's Dispel Magic description now states the correct casting time (16034)
Yeslick's Dispel Magic ability now uses the same icon as the priest spell (16033)
Branwen's Spiritual Hammer now correctly reaches an enchantment level of +2 at level 7 instead of level 6 (16024)
Beast Master's Animal Summoning I ability now lasts 3 turns (15996)
Dorn now correctly initiates his plot dialogue even if he has the Silence status (15990)
Rescuing Branwen but refusing her service no longer results in an open journal quest (15989)
"A Farmer's Tales" journal entry is no longer listed as a quest (15988)
Hulrik no longer asks for help if the xvarts have already been killed (15987)
"Xvart Raids" journal entry is no longer listed as a quest (15986)
Tutorial: Imoen now comes with a weapon she is proficient with (15983)
Tutorial: kobolds' short swords no longer break (15981)
Gamaz now correctly delivers a final speech before dying (15978)
Safanano longer experiences stuttering if she loots the pirate treasure on her own (15977)
Kivan now interjects the correct line when in the same party as Dorn (15975)
Kivan no longer has spell slots before his Ranger levels would allow them (15962)
Incorrect voice-overs no longer play during Dynaheir's dialogue (15959)
Harrower +1 now correctly applies its +3 damage vs. undead creatures. (14283)
Rasaad's quest now correctly starts when he is first encountered (11802)
Berserk now correctly protects against Stun effects (11798)
Dark Moon Monks now correctly start with +10% Detect Illusion instead of +24% (11797)
Inquisitor's Dispel Magic now has level-appropriate effects at character levels 1-5 (11521)
Creatures, spells, and other resources will no longer display the bizarre line "Someone disturbs me?! I have no time to talk with you, . Don't take it personally. I'm just a very busy man." (11041)
The weapon given to the player character in the Tutorial is now guaranteed to be usable by that character (10741)
Demon Knight will now correctly defend himself when under the effects of Silence (10740)
Teven no longer remains neutral if the the rest of the Bandit Camp has become hostile (10739)
The Dryad of Cloud Peaks quest will now close properly if the dryad is killed (10738)
"Prism the Sculptor" journal quest now closes properly when returning the emeralds to Oublek (10736)
Quayle no longer has illegal Necromancy spells in his spellbook; the offending spells have been replaced with Chromatic Orb and Deafness (10733)
Kissiq now gives a proper journal entry about a talking chicken rather than a quest entry (10732)
Miner Kylee's information will no longer be listed as a quest entry (10729)
Bounty Hunter Special Snare ability now slows the target instead of casting Otiluke's Resilient Sphere at levels 1-7 (10728)
Tutorial, dialogue referring to the Hint button now correctly describes its location in the UI (10091)
Avengers now correctly gain Improved Invisibility at level 7. (10008)
Familiars no longer trigger reputation based encounters (7847)
On Android devices, pressing the Return key on a bluetooth keyboard will now correctly confirm the user's multiplayer password and attempt to join the selected game (7846)
Shapeshifts Natural Form ability from the Relair's Mistake cloak will now correctly wear off when the effect ends (7740)
Wild surge 83 now correctly mimics the effects of Polymorph Other. (7714)
The player can no longer speak to Daer'Ragh multiple times. (7639)
Neera will no longer be silent after enemies have been dealt with (7603)
RESTINN and RESTDUNG movies are no longer missing from the Movies list (7564)
PCs under AI control will no longer stop moving for no reason (7528)
Monk's stunning blow will now correctly only work on fist attacks (7204)
The legacy CLERIC2 script can now cast Cure Medium Wounds (6494)
Haste and Offensive Spin no longer stack (6492)
Getting level-drained no longer causes invalid string references to appear in the combat log (6468)
Dragon Disciple Breath Attack ability will now correctly hit everyone in the cone area (6302)
Kryll will no longer cast Mirror Image on herself, since she is a Necromancer; instead, she will cast Horror (6295)
Blackguard Aura of Despair ability will no longer affect every single enemy in the entire area (6223)
Lord Binky the Buffoon will no longer ignore the rest of the party if the protagonist is invisible or using Stealth. (6189)
Ring of Free Action will no longer block the 'Stunned' string from appearing in the combat log when its wearer is stunned (5885)
"The Mysterious Island" journal entries will now correctly post to journal (4199)
Sun Soulray will now work correctly when cast on targets at the edge of the visual range (3424)
A human wizard wielding a quarterstaff will no longer display missing frames while attacking (2872)
Hafiz the gnome can no longer be addressed as a dwarf by the player (16061)
Gnome NPCs now correctly use the correct animations for their race (16060)
Journal entries about Oublek offering bounties will now only be created when it is actually appropriate (16050)
Combat log text that describes the entrance to the Tomb (in the Valley of the Tombs area) now displays even if the player is traveling alone (16049)
Combat log text that describes the entrance to the Tomb (in the Valley of the Tombs area) no longer displays as though it were being spoken by a member of the party (16048)
There will now only ever be one copy of Gorion's scroll, even if the player pick-pockets Gorion in Candlekeep (15985)
Info text above the signpost in the Beregost Temple area no longer displays off to the left of the signpost itself (15976)
Safana's innate Charm Person ability now has a unique description (11799)
Charm Animal ability and description now match (11519)
The Captive Audience item's behavior now matches its description (11112)
Initiating dialogue with Safana while she is in the party will no longer result in a repeated banter between her and Dorn (11111)
Polymorph effects from wild surges no longer result in a blank paper doll (11109)
The abandonned house in SE Baldur's Gate now displays its info text entirely on-screen (8758)
Bassilus's zombies now make zombie sounds when they speak (5958)
Female Dark Moon Monks no longer play male voice-overs during their dialogue (2133)

This list describes all of the bugs we fixed that only affect BGII:EE. Critical issues are listed first, followed by more minor changes.

Blocking Phaere's exit will no longer lock the game in cut scene mode (11581)
Story Mode will now work in BGII:EE (17896)
Having Death Ward active will no longer cause Irenicus dialogue to loop (15974)
Dorn will no longer stutter if the protagonist has a romance with both him and with Hexxat (11175)
Saemon Havarian will now appear next to the pirate ship after leaving the Vulgar Monkey Inn (11155)
Neera's quests will no longer prevent travel to the Throne of Bhaal (11141)
Rasaad will no longer stutter if the protagonist has a romance with both him and with Hexxat (11085)
Lich with Phreya will no longer be invincible (11084)
Response to Dorn in Lunia will no longer have No valid replies or links (11080)
[Dorn] Garfunkel will now die after his final speech (11062)
Dorn will no longer step forward with the Divine Blade before he has acquired it (10639)
Hardiness from the Wish spell will no longer stack with the Hardiness HLA (18089)
Monk's Quivering Palm ability will now only work on fist attacks (18037)
Monk's Stunning Blow ability will now only work on fist attacks (18036)
Dark Justice +5 will now apply its extra damage the same way as similar weapons (18035)
Story Mode will now prevent the relevant feedback messages from appearing in the combat log (17900)
Keldorn will no longer be busy when he returns from reporting his wife to the courts (17894)
Arenthis and Kamir will now defend themselves if attacked (17866)
Sun Soulray will now only affect one target (17863)
[DORN] Dorn will now initiate dialogue at Resurrection Gorge (OH5100) (17831)
Aldun Forgecaster will nown't have incorrect dying/death sounds (17825)
Deva animatons will no longer be translucent (17716)
Hexxat's Domination ability and description will now match (17491)
Mazzy's Haste ability will no longer use the description of the wizard spell (17463)
Mazzy's Lay On Hands ability will no longer use the description of Cure Light Wounds (17462)
Mazzy's Strength ability will no longer use the description of the wizard spell (17396)
Berserk will now disable strings for 2 turns (17392)
Berserk will now protect against the feedback effects of stun (17390)
Bracers and gauntlets will now have the correct unidentified name, unidentified description, and ground icon (17387)
Drow Scimitar +3 will now be usable by Thieves, Mage/Thieves, and Monks (17377)
Reaching Ring will no longer be usable by Monks (17370)
Storm Ring and Dawn Ring will now be usable by Wizard Slayers (17369)
Heartwood Ring will no longer be usable by Wizard Slayers (17353)
Silver Sword will no longer be usable by Beast Masters (17352)
Serpent Shaft poison effect and description will now match (17351)
Staff of Thunder and Lightning +2 visual stun effect will now be subject to saving throw (17290)
Ixil's Spike +6 pinning damage will now occur each round for 3 rounds (17288)
Flail of Ages +1 will no longer be usable by Beast Masters (17287)
Edwin's will now have the correct Tired sound and text once Degarden dispels his female form (17285)
Dark Moon Monk's Vampiric Touch will now deal the correct amount of damage at level 10 (17279)
Thugs attacking Renfeld will now give XP when killed (17278)
Devas will now regenerate health (17277)
Defensive Spin ability will now match the description (17275)
Improved Chaos Shield spell and description will now match (17271)
Fallorain's Plate +1 will no longer be a generic plate mail +1 and will now be unique in the game (17270)
12HD Earth Elementals will now have consistent stats (17254)
Mage stronghold apprenti will no longer fail to leave once their tasks are done (17246)
Ranged weapons with unlimited ammunition will now clearly state the launcher bonuses are included as part of the combat abilities (17074)
[Hexxat] Claw of the Black Leopard journal entry will now remain until the claw is returned (16501)
Walls around the Radiant Heart internal doors will now have consistent lighting (16488)
[ToB, Rasaad] Rasaad's journey quest will now appear in Done Quests if his romance is active (16404)
[ToB, Neera]Completing the Eight Staves quest will now remove the corresponding journal entry (16392)
Minsc will no longer repeat his selection sounds after leaving berserk. (16256)
Darksteel Shield +4 will now grant a +1 AC bonus vs. missile attacks (16236)
Character generation will now enforce weapon proficiency rules (16195)
Mage in the secret illithid lair will now attack when the party is spotted (16145)
White Dragon Scale will now be usable by Stalkers, as intended by Bioware (16125)
EigthNearest references will now be EighthNearest (16101)
Import script will no longer get broken if a save is made while it is running (16091)
[ToB] Illasera will now cast additional spells (16071)
Shapeshifter werewolf will now use correct weapon icon (16069)
Fflar's Scabbard will now have a description image (16068)
Burich will now be immune to poison (16059)
Summoned black bears will now attack enemies on sight (16055)
Summoned bears and panthers will no longer move towards each other (16054)
Beast Master's Animal Summoning I will now last 3 turns (15997)
Kamir, Arenthis and Risa will no longer disappear if their quest is active (15734)
[Rasaad] Heretic temple skylight will no longer grant xp and a journal note if the temple has been entered through the door (15430)
[Rasaad] Heretic Temple exterior staircases will no longer be accessible from the sides (15425)
Sphere of Chaos effects will now be blocked by Magic Resistance (15423)
Caster level 10 Sunfire will no longer be blocked by Minor Globe of Invulnerability (15422)
It will now be possible to stake Dace if he has been destroyed without being spoken to (15421)
Paladin stronghold barony quest will now check if the farmers have been killed (13236)
Corgeig will now only provide an XP reward once when Nalia is freed (13014)
Standard Attack AI script will no longer cancel requested actions (12580)
Good Deva will now be able to cast Chaos (12308)
Party members raised by Mass Raise Dead will now gain additional healing (12232)
[Multiplayer] Malaaq will no longer remain in the starting area if a party of 6 is used (12211)
Thief Scout script will no longer target non-hostiles (12149)
Chaos Shield spells will no longer stack (12142)
Kangaxx will no longer be invincible in normal form (12110)
Herath will now respond correctly when asked why the PCs will nown't take up arms against the Twofold Trust. (12105)
Cloak of the Sewers mustard jelly form will now use same stats as Polymorph Self (12065)
Pregenerated Fighter/Clerics will now have a class description on the character selection screen (12013)
Mazzy will no longer talk constantly when fatigued and Valygar is in the party. (11815)
Charname will no longer claim that the Copper Coronet is not a public setting. (11804)
Hexxat will now respond correctly to line 97187. (11740)
Druid Earth Elemental shape will now be able to move consistently (11739)
Cleric / Thief will now be able to hide in shadows via the thief controlled script (11731)
Hexxat will now say the correct line and send the PCs home if she is kicked out in Korkorran's tomb. (11727)
Characters wearing the Night Walker boots will now be immune to Web and Grease (11627)
SoA cat familiar will now travel at the same speed as party members (11615)
Unconscious targets will no longer wake up when attacked (11613)
Bard songs of the same type will no longer stack (11573)
Krotan's Skullcrusher +2 will now injure stone golems (11543)
Xachrimos voiceover will now match his text responses (11498)
Fil will now have the correct voiceover lines to match the text dialogue (11497)
Nalia will now be able to cast a level 6 spell if she joins the party as a level 12 mage (11494)
Neera's staff will now be identified (11492)
Aerie will no longer have studded leather armour in a quickslot (11491)
Charname will now have the correct responses to Algoroth's "welcome" in Deepstone's crystal chamber. (11268)
Stalker Minor Spell Deflection will now protect against spells of up to 7th level (11255)
There will no longer be a duplicate response to Cuddy if strength and charisma are both > 13 (11251)
Charname will no longer repeat Hexxat's line when kicking her from the party iin ToB. (11250)
Stalker Minor Spell Deflection will no longer show Spell Turning icons (11177)
(Black Pits II) Avenger spells will no longer be removed upon arrival to the Black Pits (11168)
(Black Pits II) If they have the quest, players will now be able to buy a Salve of Senile Serenity the first time they speak to Bellowgulp. (11165)
(Black Pits II) The Salve of Senile Serenity will no longer be sellable for more than it costs to make. (11164)
Hexxat will now say line 87005 after Charname says line 87104. (11162)
Charname will now have the correct responses when Hexxat offers to distract her. (11161)
Hexxat will now respond correctly when Charname flirts with her. (11158)
Hexxat will now respond correctly when Charname calls her "a means to an end." (11157)
Polymorph other will now transform targets to squirrels permanently (11140)
Throwing axes and throwing hammers will now add strength bonus to damage when ranged (11137)
The Slayer Change ability will no longer be available until after Irenicus flees Spellhold (11136)
Viconia will no longer stop responding after being told a game is being played (11115)
[Rasaad] Tears of Selune encounter will no longer trigger if he is dead (11110)
Saving and reloading as Nalia is kidnapped will no longer see her remain nearby (11106)
Druid Elemental Summoning HLA will now produce 16hd elementals with correct stats (11089)
Tenser's Transformation will now apply the correct THAC0 bonus at levels 19 and 20 (11081)
Dorn will now lose his Blackguard status & abilities if his patron is retributioned (11078)
Viconia's level 13 incarnations will now have 7 level 3 spell slots (11075)
Characters will no longer be able to walk through the closed door to the noble djinn (11063)
Stone harp within the Palace in Suldanessellar will now be displayed correctly (11043)
Rasaad's final ToB lovetalk will now fire and not contain an infinite loop. (11036)
Meems will now have appropriate dialogue after the conclusion of Rasaad's quest. (11034)
Deepstone's front face will no longer shift to the left when you open its doors. (11033)
Charname will no longer have two "And...?" responses. (11031)
[Rasaad Romance] The order of responses 97765 and 97766 will now be switched. (11023)
[Rasaad Romance] The "meditation is for monks" reply will no longer be available to Charname if she is a monk. (11022)
(Black Pits II) Load/quit options will now be presented after a game over. (11006)
The player will no longer be able to mention Resurrection Gorge before they visit it. (10999)
There will no longer be a duplicate response when speaking to the guard outside the heretic temple. (10998)
The Vagrant Blades will now walk away instead of vanishing where they stand. (10996)
Clara's death scene will no longer be interrupted by a talk about Dragomir's death. (10995)
Hexxat will now have Dragomir's cloak before Edwin tries to touch it in ToB. (10976)
Hexxat will now have Dragomir's cloak before Edwin asks to see it in SoA. (10975)
[BP2] Completing a Black Pits II combat will no longer see multiple Dispel Effects strings (10974)
(Black Pits II) Brodle will no longer voice "performers' lounge" if the PCs participated in the rebellion subplot. (10960)
(Black Pits II) Gladiators will no longer have inappropriate lines when spoken to during the finale. (10944)
(Black Pits II) Charname will no longer be called a villain when they have not said anything villainous. (10942)
(Black Pits II) The "perplexing problem" response in Stannel's dialogue will no longer disappear prematurely. (10941)
(Black Pits II) The 4th and 5th responses will no longer be missing from Stannel's dialogue after the water weird fight. (10940)
(Black Pits II) Brodle will now give items to Player1. (10939)
(Black Pits II) Cloak of the Lich's effects will now match its description. (10938)
(Black Pits II) Players will no longer be able to ask Brodle to help plot a rebellion after they agree to help him plot a rebellion. (10924)
(Black Pits II) The salve of senile serenity will no longer be equippable. (10923)
(Black Pits II) Gezzthemin will no longer ask the PC for a drink he hasn't told them about. (10921)
(Black Pits II) Tartle will no longer ask the PCs whether they want to fight a previous battle before they've fought their first battle. (10920)
(Black Pits II) Journal entry 95946 will no longer be added prematurely. (10918)
(Black Pits II) Rat poison will now have a proper description. (10917)
(Black Pits II) Entering the banquet hall before the "dinner bell" cutscene will no longer lead to strange dialogue. (10901)
It will no longer be possible to escape the Irenicus dungeon from the furnace room (10768)
Assign Keys screen will now contain a full list of Mage and/or Priest spells (10759)
The Winged is not visible in the BPII Feast cutscene when playing solo (10749)
Remove Fear will no longer temporarily increase thieves Detect Traps ability score (10655)
Charname will no longer say she'll "do what [she] can" when Hexxat points out Charname could easily kill her. (10561)
Dorn will no longer attack Charname for saying they could use a sandwich. (10560)
[Dorn][ToB] Planetar of Justice will no longer duplicate lines (10541)
Black Blade of Disaster will now have the appearance of a Long Sword (17696)
Corthala Family Armor ground icon will now match the equipped appearance (17501)
The Woodland Staff will now produce a barkskin visual effect when equipped (15420)
Chest in Vicross' estate will no longer appear as a body in the inventory bar (12231)
Charm Animal ability and description will now match (11520)
Joolon will no longer speak when casting Cloak of Fear (11253)
Nahal's Reckless Dweomer will now have consistent casting time and description of casting time (11135)
Trademeet statues will no longer be affected by dispel magic (11102)
Coran's cabin will now have the same gather party requirements to leave as to enter (11079)
Bala's Axe will no longer say it is lowering magic resistance when you hit an enemy with it (11074)
Lizard man halberds will no longer fail to display (fix included) (11032)
Del will now appear after speaking to Sansuki (10962)
Vampire will no longer initiate dialog with someone in a building (10888)
War Hammer The Brick +2 will now have Thrown and Melee tooltips (10651)
All the quests from Aran Linvail will now be closed when travelling to Brynnlaw (10227)
Firkraag Himself journal entry will now close when he is killed (10223)

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