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What is your favorite paper doll, or which paper dolls do you prefer for different classes?

I prefer the Rogue paper doll by far, since I love the hooded guys. In fact, I downloaded the original BG Keeper years ago just so that I could change the paper doll. Fighter/Thieves and Rangers look so much better with the Rogue paper doll.

I'm currently playing a cleric, and would like to use the Rogue paper doll, but if you give him plate armor it defaults to the Warrior paper doll. I also don't like the fact that chain/splint mail turns the hood into more of an armored coif. The same thing happens with leather armors, but it is less distracting. It's almost enough to want to play a Cleric/Mage just to justify not using any armor, but I want to play a pure Priest of Lathander.

Bonus question: if EE Keeper is used in BG1 to change a character's paper doll, what happens when the character is imported into BG2? Does the paper doll revert to its normal state, or is there any adverse effect that I should be aware of?



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