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Roleplay Ideas?

There are a few roleplay ideas I've come up with but have never executed. While I'm on a cleric kick at the moment, I find the thief ideas to be alluring.

1. Bounty Hunter - Play LN to the hilt. Help the Flaming Fist officer kill Viconia. Make sure that Greywolf doesn't steal your bounty. Go on a personal mission to collect bandit scalps for Officer Vai.
2. Assassin - Like the Bounty Hunter but more ruthless.
3. Thief - Become a Shadow Thief of Amn. Get the Shadow Thief Studded Leather as soon as possible. Once you get to Baldur's Gate, make sure to trespass every building and steal everything! Amass as much gold as possible.
4. Undead Hunter - Better for BG2, but you know what needs to be done. Don't manipulate Bassilus so that you are forced to fight off his skeletons. Don't limit yourself to just undead; werewolves and other creatures that go bump in the night must be destroyed.

What are some of your ideas?



  • GrumGrum Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,100
    5. Shadowdancer dualed to fighter after you max out your backstab potential.

    Solo BG1. Come BG2, you'll end up as a fighter for a bit. But it'll be a welcome change of pace by that point, and you'll get levels back fast. Eventually, you'll end up with a shadowdancer with ***** in your weapon of choice. Katanas are fun, for the 1d10 base damage. Your backstabs will be insane. You'll be able to quickly add something like Belm to your offhand, pushing you up to 5APR a round. You can combine fighter HLAs with your backstab. You'll end up with a character who can backstab and then go toe to toe with just about anything. And as he'll be a shadowdancer, he can just hide in the shadows again if things get hairy and do another backstab.

  • cdxcdx Member Posts: 77
    6. Gardener - Probably chaotic evil. Inspired by Mutamin, leave behind a trail of stone statues. To get nice gardens dominate creatures, move them to the desired spot, then petrify them. Can rock the rocks with Tiax and Xzar.
    7. No questions asked Paladin - Use detect evil on everyone and attack any identified as evil, with or without talking to them first. Maybe game breaking.
    8. Artist Bard - Seek interesting locations and "draw a painting" (rest twice, 16h). If attacked before two full rests, defend yourself from any attackers at least five times before giving up on a location. Probably travel alone or with other bards, anybody esle is likely to get bored to death. RP extra: do a 30 sec sketch of the location

  • ElendarElendar Member Posts: 831
    Party of Gnomes looking to sell turnips and other fine vegetables.

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,554
    10. Your boss - see how far he/she gets.
    11. Your significant other - as above, but for God's sake don't tell them or you'll be on rations for eternity!

  • PhilhelmPhilhelm Member Posts: 473
    12. Berserker/Thief - Be a CE serial killer. Adventure by day, but once night has fallen, break into people's homes and murder them in their sleep.

  • redlineredline Member Posts: 285
    edited March 2016
    @Philhelm - I'm going to need to steal 1 and 3 (no pun intended). Sounds like fun.

    13. Alchemist - a thief or bard with awful stats and a full potion case. Would be more interesting if there was an actual potion crafting system, so instead just empty your wallet at High Hedge whenever possible.

  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,492
    Start a thieves guild in Beregost.
    Take over the house that you can rest for free. It is across from where you encounter Silke. Place guards (Dorn, Kagain) outside and move any other NPC not in the party inside. Start robbing houses and people till you have all the monies and all the items stashed away.

    Druid of the wilderness
    For as long as possible, steer clear of settlements and just venture forth into the wilderness. Become a shadoow druid and take on the iron throne bring the fight to the city eventually.

    Bump in the night
    Easiest to do with a shape changer, but a polymorph spell would also work. During the day you are your mild manner adventure, at night however, you are cursed and become a sinister and dark creature hunting and killing anything that moves. You need to lock yourself in a room before the sun goes down (read, rent a room) or the change happens to bloody consequences.

  • AKrugBierAKrugBier Member Posts: 107
    edited March 2016
    14. Zal's Shorter Rival - Neutral Evil Fighter Halfling with 19 Dexterity, grand mastery in Darts who has a height envy and a fondness for Star Sapphires. As a consequence, he only accepts Dwarves, gnomes or Halflings as party members and never sells any of his collected Star Sapphires.

  • JarrakulJarrakul Member Posts: 2,029
    dunbar wrote: »
    11. Your significant other - as above, but for God's sake don't tell them or you'll be on rations for eternity!

    My significant other is a misanthropic plant geneticist, so I think she'd make a pretty good avenger. Now if I could just get the hang of lightning bolts...

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