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Thank You!/SoD Appreciation Thread

PurudayaPurudaya Member Posts: 816
I went into SoD expecting higher quality writing and better development than the previous added content simply given the fact that Beamdog has a larger staff and resource pool now than they did in the past.

What I didn't expect was an expansion that (in the first 7 hours at least) would blow me away with its creativity, thoughtfulness, competence, and overall quality. Really, really impressed so far – somehow, SoD has managed to feel fresh and innovative while staying faithful to the spirit of the game and hitting the right nostalgia buttons along the way.

There are going to be a lot of threads re: complaints and bugs over the course of the next few days (as is to be expected), so I thought there should be a place where players can express their thanks to the developers and list off a few of their favorite features, characters, and quests.

I'll start: hearing new dialogue from Minsc, Imoen, and others for the first time in 15 years has been one of my all-time favorite moments in gaming ever. Thank you :smile:

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  • MadrictMadrict Member Posts: 137
    It is a great game, well done Beamdog :)

  • EnialusMeliamneEnialusMeliamne Member Posts: 399
    As I said in another thread way to early this morning, the highest praise I can give for a game is to say that I'm emotionally invested. I am certainly that, which becomes very easy to do because of the music! Mr. Hulick's work is tremendous, and if I had to say there was one thing that is the glue that moves this game from great to outstanding so far, it would be his music.

    In every way that I can possibly convey, thank you to the Beamdog team, from bottom to top.

  • VirelaiVirelai Member Posts: 19
    Haven't had a chance to delve into SOD yet because I've diligently waited to start a brand new game when 2.0 hit. Must say though, so far I am all about it. That extra zoom off the charts. The first time I zoomed out all the way to the map? My eyebrows almost touched the ceiling they went so high. I've always been a fan of the added content, e.g. my homeboy Rasaad, and am super pumped to see 25 more hours of it!

    Cannot wait to plow through BGEE to get to SOD. (Glint is going to be a first round draft pick for sure).

  • BlackorbBlackorb Member Posts: 62
    edited April 2016
    I have only played about a hour, but wow beamdog you guys know how to trigger emotions :D well done so far i am impressed. I which i could play more but something stupid called real life is in the way :'( (awhell better call sick for work after the weekend :o kidding will take a few days of vacation though :p )

    Hyped hyped hyped! Xd

  • IllustairIllustair Member Posts: 817
    I have no spare time to play SoD yet, but I regularly check the forum for the status of SoD and some mods that I like, esp. FnP. I'm so happy that the consensus seems to be that SoD has a great me, BG is mostly about that. Let me say my thanks even though I have yet to try SoD. I'm just that much of a fan I guess. Sincere thanks Beamdog! Can hardly wait to experience the ride back to my childhood, a new one at that - the "thrill of having to play BG2 for the first time" all over again.

  • Excalibur_2102Excalibur_2102 Member Posts: 351
    Yup, great to see most of the comments on the actual content seem to positive so far, even though some people are experiencing some bugs ..

  • sffrrromsffrrrom Member Posts: 60
    Kavain said:

    Dear Beamdog team,

    thank you so much for giving us SoD! After playing (rushing really, the main story line had me absolutely enthralled) through the game I would like to point out some pros and cons, which I liked, respectively didn't like.

    -Finicky side quests, even as a long time Infinity Engine veteran player I wasn't able to get all the side quests done which can be frustrating.

    +Those Voice overs! Superb fun listening to party banters or listening to anybody, really!
    +Those new and old characters! Writers completely nailed the spirit of the original BG while creating something of their very own!
    +Main story line! Oh my...! T'was one of the best, most iconic stories I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! Gripping from the first moment to the curtain's call!
    +The atmosphere, the scenery and the battles -- never before felt any IE game so immersive before!
    +No cheap villains / antagonists!
    +New items were not too powerful, yet fun to acquire and use!
    +Improving upon the old Infinity Engine which I still love.

    Keep at it, Beamdog! SoD is, in my humble opinion, way better than Dragon Age, Dragon Age II and Dragon Age Inquisition combined! Having said that, I want you to know that, whatever your future endeavors may hold, you'll always have my support. I believe in you guys and gals!

    Allow me to congratulate you on a job well done. A job, that no one could've done better.

    You are indeed my personal 'heroes and heroines of Baldur's Gate'. And there is no greater title I could possibly bestow upon you. :wink:

    Bhaalspawn Kavain

    Pretty much sums it up exactly. My only complaint would be that the developers definitely tried to push the engine to its limits, which is good and bad, and some of the quests are DEFINITELY too finicky with triggers and whatnot, even excusing all the various first day bugs. But I would probably rather they shoot high, so that I can go back and replay and have things maybe work a little differently. Everything else really far exceeded the quality of the rest of Beamdog's work to date and I would buy more content of a similar quality in the future.

  • gus100gus100 Member Posts: 10
    loving it so far good job beamdog

  • PurudayaPurudaya Member Posts: 816
    Another thing I really like are the class-specific magical items – instead of making them only usable by one class as with certain items in BGII, they give different stat bonuses depending on who uses them. It's a small thing, but it adds to the sense of specialization between classes.

  • O_BruceO_Bruce Member Posts: 2,761
    I still didn't finished Siege of Dragonspear, but I played it enough to appreciate it. Thank you for wonderful job! I'll post the whole review on this forum once I'm done with the Siege of Dragonspear.

  • Diogenes42Diogenes42 Member Posts: 597
    Beamdog I had a lot of fun playing this game but I will curse you forever that I can never experience the magic of Glint Gardnersonson meeting Jan Jansen.

  • PurudayaPurudaya Member Posts: 816

    Beamdog I had a lot of fun playing this game but I will curse you forever that I can never experience the magic of Glint Gardnersonson meeting Jan Jansen.

    If this game does well, you might very well be able to :smile:

  • IllustairIllustair Member Posts: 817
    Purudaya said:

    Another thing I really like are the class-specific magical items – instead of making them only usable by one class as with certain items in BGII, they give different stat bonuses depending on who uses them. It's a small thing, but it adds to the sense of specialization between classes.

    Ah yeah I noticed that too from @Aquadrizzt list of items. I could be wrong, but I don't think I've seen that anywhere even in mods. Good stuff. Not just that, I thought overall the items were more interesting this time around, not just the usual +x cold or whatever. By the way, this doesn't count as a spoiler for others, yes? It's not part of the story after all.

  • MonkeyLungsMonkeyLungs Member Posts: 44
    I also want to just say thank you for making sure our custom portraits work and for not disabling EE Keeper. I use keeper to make sure fighter - thief can look like a thief or my cleric - mage can look like a mage. Those are my two favorite things to change. Also if I want to really cheat, I can and the game didn't make it more difficult to do so. Even more important is my awesome folder full of custom portraits, I don't think I could play and have as much fun without them.

    And the freaking awesome UI. I know some folks don't like it but just the UI alone has made the entire experience better for me.

  • AlatanAlatan Member Posts: 5
    Thank you Beamdog for this great game. I love the new story, art, grayscale, black outline, shaman class and many other things. I hope you continue making more games.

  • CaradocCaradoc Member Posts: 92
    edited April 2016
    I just began playing it. I do enjoy what I'm seeing. Never in my wildest dreams imagined that we would get new content after all these years. I'm very thankfull. Great job Beamdog.

    It looks like a bg game, it sounds like a bg game, it feels like a bg game and it plays like a bg game. Conclusion: It is a new baldur's gate game :smiley:

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