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Foebane +3 and +5 improvement mod

elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,303
edited May 2016 in BGII:EE Mods
So basically the intent behind this "mod" (if you want to call it that I did this all in Near Infinity) is to add various races when it comes to the damage bonus granted by Foebane (both versions).

The original weapons described their extra damage as being "+6 damage vs undead, shapeshifters, and all extraplanar beings (demons, planetars, etc)"

Only thats not how it works in game. The weapon doesn't do extra damage against planetar's and there are extraplanar beings (like elementals, genies/djinni, mephits, githyanki, etc) that aren't included with its bonus either.

The intent of this mod is to add in this extra damage to as many of the extra-planar beings as I can figure out. In some cases like Faeries and Beholders, it seemed like in D&D there were specific examples where these monsters had extra-planar sub species but in general they lived in the prime plane (so I didn't include them). I'm sure the list on what should be included is up for interpretation, but under this mod the following are now getting the +6 bonus.

Original weapons bonuses

Lycanthropes (Wolfwere's, Werewolfs, etc).
Demonic (which tends to be demons but there are probably other examples that fall under this category).

Additions for modded Foebane

Planatars/Dark Planatars

In any case I've tested it out myself and it seems to work fine.

Installation Instructions

Thanks to Crevsdaak there is now a weidu mod for this. You can find it here. Just install it as you would any weidu mod.

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