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Multiplayer problem between MacOSX and Windows 10 with Version

thedude67thedude67 Member Posts: 3
I am playing without mods, all my drivers are up to date, and my game is up to date and the same version as my brother's.

When he creates a game with a password I can see the game, and sometimes join it, but I cannot interact with it at all, and he cannot see me in character arbitration nor can he see any messages I post in the multiplayer chat window.

He is running MacOSX El Capitan, and I am running Windows 10. We are on the same network. We also tried direct connect where he found his wireless IP address in network settings and I typed it into the direct connect window.

I also tried to create a game and have him join, but he could not even see my game in the list of multiplayer games after refreshing several times. I made this one a local network game.

He set his game to listen for join requests and did not make it a local network game

Basically, we would like to get this multiplayer game going, but are having some difficulty. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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