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Why do games continue to survive (not the best title but)



  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520

    Let me rephrase, minimal story telling. With the original pokemon, those were just set objectives, no different than just trying to beat already preset records in games like pong or tetris. There was no push for you to actually do any of that other than you're own will to. Its been a years since I played gold an silver but I don't remember any character development of the protagonist at all.

    Mostly everything you placed forth are while sounding nice how you wrote it, is not how it is perceived by everyone who played the game. Like I said before, to me they were objectives to be achieved but another games that had "objectives" but no real story was plants vs zombies. There was no urge, no push, nothing that really moved the character along, even the most simplest of stories such as crash bandicoot even had that which made the player want to move forward.

    Don't get me wrong, I played the game religious, beat the elite 4 countless times, caught all 151 pokemon, broke my games countless times messing with missing#. But all that came not from a story, but from me just wanting to explore the open world given to me. Everything you mention I more because of open world exploration and less because of "story."

    And that's fine. Everyone has their own reasons for playing games. I sure as heck don't play Pokemon for the story; I play it to raise these adorable little monsters into lean mean killing machines. But my point is, there is a story. Just because you personally don't acknowledge it doesn't mean it's not there.

  • CahirCahir Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,097
    Erg said:

    I find interesting that many people have mentioned here Jade Empire, because for me it is the perfect example of game that did not survive because of lack of mods.

    But I get it, not everyone is obsessed with mods like me or consider them essential for a game's longevity.

    Huh, funny fact, I once modded Fallout: New Vegas so heavily, that I've got too confused to play it. I made it (unintentionally) so hard that couldn't stomach it. It seems too many mods to choose is as much bad for me as none.

  • DragonKingDragonKing Member Posts: 1,660

    Funny thing, I was doing a edit when you commented me.

    I pulled this directly from wiki

    "After venturing alone into tall grass, a voice warns the player to stop, which is revealed to be Professor Oak, a famous Pokémon researcher. Professor Oak explains to the player that wild Pokémon may be living there, and encountering them alone can be very dangerous. He takes the player to his laboratory where the player meets Oak's grandson, a rival aspiring Pokémon Trainer. The player and the rival are both instructed to select a starter Pokémon for their travels out of Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Oak's Grandson will always choose the Pokémon which is stronger against the player's starting Pokémon. He will then challenge the player to a Pokémon battle with their newly obtained Pokémon, and will continue to battle the player at certain points throughout the games."

    While visiting the region's cities, the player will encounter special establishments called Gyms. Inside these buildings are Gym Leaders, each of whom the player must defeat in a Pokémon battle to obtain a total of eight Gym Badges. Once the badges are acquired, the player is given permission to enter the Pokémon League, which consists of the best Pokémon trainers in the region. There the player will battle the Elite Four and finally the new Champion: the player's rival. Also, throughout the game the player will have to battle against the forces of Team Rocket, a criminal organization that abuses Pokémon. They devise numerous plans for stealing rare Pokémon, which the player must foil."

    This is what was written under the story tab for pokemon, I was simply going to say yea there was a story, while the first paragraph is basically it in a nut shell, the second was more a synopsis of the actual Game than actual story. Ultimately the game has a premise, but hey the second part is a story to some so to each their own.

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