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A quick question about MP with 6 characters (and 2 players)

justfeelinathomejustfeelinathome Member Posts: 353
So, the time has come for me to finally embrace the MP-component of BG; The party is (almost) rolled and summer vacation is nigh. In my first ever MP-campaign both me and my brother plan on contributing 3 characters each and since I've never done this before, here's what I wanted to ask:

What about NPCs, such as Edwin, Rasaad, Imoen etc.? Is it possible to temporarily (that's the important part) kick one of our generated characters to do an NPCs quest-line (they should still be present in game, right?), coming back to pick our party member afterwards?

I currently have no way of trying this out on my own, since my brother doesn't have access to the internet ATM. Cheers and thanks a bunch for answering. :smiley:


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