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  • MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
    edited July 2016
    So... I've used my holiday week to test different walkthrough concepts during travels.

    I've tried to restart Perfect plans and Wild magic, but it's just soooooo boring to redo the 4 chapters now I know every tactic for every fight I'll encounter during those... it's just long, unsurprising, unchallenging, like doing a puzzle game when you know the solution by heart.
    So I just can't convince myself to keep going anymore.

    The Spellbreakers andThe Twin Dragons were, as I feared, really fun to play, but also completly void if interest in terms of strategy for a written walkthrough in the 2 first chapters I couldn't find anything else to write than "they strike with their weapon, they drink a potion of healing, they strike with their weapon again", which made the story boring as hell to read.

    The Specialists sounded a good idea on paper, but in fact, I realized it doesn't bring many new strategies to speak about.
    You have 6 mages, so you cast 6 spells per round, this is even more devasting than a single mage with the Robe of Vecna (prior HLA) but the strategies stay more or less the same.
    The concept is perhaps possible to recycle, but I have to find a way to prevent those mages to do together what any single mage in any single walkthrough does

    The most successful concept I found during this week was The Way of Assassin, a concept I improvised based on the suggestoin of @FinnTheHuman for a pacifist run.

    While a true pacifist run is just truly impossible, since many script only trigger once the big baddy of the zone is dead, and those scripts are needed to progress through the story, I tried to play the way an assassin does: slipping through the enemy lines unnoticed, to strike directly at the head of the snake, leaving the "peons" around it untouched.

    The xp is not as bad I thought first, because in fact, this is something to do with a solo character, that recieve all rewards from traps, locks and quest without sharing it with anyone else.
    So... yup I could do something like that soon

  • abacusabacus Member Posts: 1,308
    I like to use a house rule where you can only have one "copy" of any particular spell memorised... with realistic rest restrictions this adds value to the premium spells... "Do I really want to use my one casting of Chaos on these Orcs? What if there's a more dangerous group in the next chamber?"

    Or play with a Transmuter as your only Mage... No Abjuration spells would be tough in SoA

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