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Why can't I export my save?

PesozuPesozu Member Posts: 3
I'm currently playing the game (BG 2 ee) via ipad and I don't know what is wrong with my app and all that but
it seems 'Export to....' menu feature integrated in the game does not work. As far as I know, if I long tab the
quick save button, a little menu should pop out. right?

It is just no happening. Am I doing something wrong?
Is the feature not working/integrated '2 ee' or something? You know, they did it only for 1 ee or something?


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,786
    It's only available on BG:EE @Pesozu

  • demiazrademiazra Member Posts: 1
    @Gate70 - Do you know if that feature is going to be available in the future or did they just not want people to export iPad games to PC and back? It was actually a very nice feature to have in BGEE just in case you wanted to fix any issues in quest lines or accidentally lost an item that you needed to complete a quest.

  • SorilianSorilian Member Posts: 8
    I have a similar problem, Beamdog advised me to delete bgee 2 in order to see if it will correct an issue and advised me to export a save. Been trying for ages to get the iOS dialogue box to come up, but to no avail. I have emailed them to advise I can not do this, so not sure how they can help correct (locked in Ust Natha). If they come back with a solution I will let you know, but a bit silly not to have this option for bgee 2.

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