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Can not create any form of save file for BG2EE

jamminjammin Member Posts: 5
Hi, hopefully someone can help:

Trying to continue my character over from BGEE and could not find the save folder for BG2. So tried to pre generate a charachter to find what the file to make sure I put my character into the right folder, however crashed on trying to save the character.

So I went to start a new game, then after the "its time for more experiments scene" I try and press quick save and it crashes again.

So I delete all forms of the game I can find (BGEE, SOD, BG2EE), save my old game save files somewhere else. Redownload the game through the Beamdog Launcher and try again still the same problem.

The only type of save I havent tried is autosave but I dont want to wander through Chateau Irenicus with anyone just to test it.

I am playing on OSX 10.10.5 and have bought all games through the Beamdog client.

Siege of Dragonspear was working fine until I deleted it in order to start on BG2



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