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Baldur's Gate Quartets & Top Trumps v3.1

ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,745
edited August 2016 in Fan Creations

I decided it was time to redo the old card game I created, now with *all* companions and most importantly no left overs. Thanks to everyone for their input :)

Follow this link and hit the download button on the right to get all the printables plus a XCF-file to create individual cards. The font I used is called sherwood thin.

There is a buttload of ways to play this game, just do it how ever you want. I also added in the Slayer as the Old Maid/ Black Peter, so now you can play at least two more games with it.
Also, the printables have such thick borders on purpose, those are to be cut off after print. I suggest you have the cards be printed by a professional, just google for an online copy shop that delivers to your place.

Please let me know if you spot any errors!

v2 is still available here.

All artworks and assets © Wizards of the Coast, BioWare and/ or Overhaul.

Update to version 3.1
- Added SoD companions as quartett number 13
- Added SoD antagonists as variants for 11C (Irenicus & The Hooded Man), 12B (Clara & Hephernaan) and 12C (Ellesime & Caelar Argent). I didn't want to remove any characters and there where not enough to make a 14th quartett.
- Added SoD variants of Imoen and Viconia.

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  • alannahsmithalannahsmith Member Posts: 142
    Omg! You just blew my mind!

    I love you.

  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    This is awesome, well done! I particularly like the quotes on the bottom.

  • Oxford_GuyOxford_Guy Member Posts: 3,729
    Baldur's Gate Top Trumps! :-)

  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,753
    Cardplay anyone?

    Excellent work!

  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,511

    Alright, I think I got the families set:

    1. Bard: Eldoth Kron, Garrick, Haer'Dalis, Safana
    2. Cleric: Aerie, Quayle, Tiax, Viconia DeVir
    3. Druid: Branwen, Cernd, Faldorn, Jaheira
    4. Fighter: Kagain, Khalid, Korgan Bloodaxe, Shar-Teel Dosan
    5. Fighter +: Dorn Il-Khan, Montaron, Rasaad yn Bashir, Yeslik Orothair
    6. Paladin: Ajantis Ilvarstarr, Anomen Delryn, Keldorn Firecam, Mazzy Fentan
    7. Ranger: Coran, Kivan, Minsc & Boo, Valygar Corthala
    8. Thief: Alora, Skie Silvershield, Hexxat, Yoshimo
    9. Wizard: Dynaheir, Edwin Odesseiron, Neera, Xzar
    10. Wizard +: Imoen, Jan Jansen, Nalia de'Arnise, Xan
    11. Villain: Amelyssan, Bodhi, Jon Irenicus, Sarevok Anchev
    Bonus: Baeloth Barrityl, Clara, Wilson

    Now, if I add one more card, I can form a 12th family.
    So far I would go with Elesime, adding her to the Bonus family.
    I would also add in an old maid card, though I am still not set on who that would be.

    Let me know what you think :)

    Maybe add the Slayer? Don't know to what though. Villain? Bonus? The Old Maid? :D (Because seriously, who likes that card?)

  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,745
    Hmm, well the Slayer doesn't have set stats, does he? Isn't it just +X on Charname's attributes?
    Also, I don't think there is a proper, official picture of the Slayer available anywhere.
    I could use this picture :P

  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,745
    edited March 2015
    Allllrighty! I think I am more or less done, could you guys scan for errors before I put up the printables? Thank you ^.^

    Post edited by Buttercheese on
  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,595
    I have not spotted any. Though I am not the best proofreader. My dyslexia can make it difficult for me to spot errors in text.

  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,745
    Well, I do know that feeling :I
    At least I was able to find a typo on Amelyssan so far.

  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,745
    I am very glad you like it and thank you very much for the promote <3

  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,595
    It looks amazing! Where did you have that done?

  • LoremasterLoremaster Member Posts: 201
    I really, really like this. Thank you.

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
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