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Old bug has come back?

LinkamusLinkamus Member Posts: 220
edited September 2016 in Troubleshooting
I remember reporting a similar bug way back when EE first came out, and since I started a new play-through to try the new expansion, I am experiencing this problem again...

I have a sorcerer in my custom party, and at level 1 he has 6 hit points. I've noticed that he cannot be one-shotted. It's taking at least two hits to kill him. So at 6 HP, the most damage one attack can do is 5.. And then it shows the he "resisted" the rest of the damage. I don't feel this is how it's supposed to work...

Before I patched the game I DID have SCS installed (before the expansion release), but I've now patched it and even done a "repair install", so I assume my files are unadulterated, but I could be wrong. Could someone else maybe do a quick test to see if they can recreate this issue? Thanks.

Note: I am playing on LOB mode.

The similar bug I posted about a long time ago can be found here:


  • mf2112mf2112 Member, Moderator Posts: 1,919
    Do you have anything left over in your overrides folder maybe?

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,383
    this might be something hardcoded in the engine, even waaaay back in the vanilla days it was like that, for example, xzar could never die in one hit, one time I had him take on drizzt at level one ( and im talking vanilla bg1 where on insane drizzt deals 30 and 60 damage a hit) and he only did 3 and 5 damage to him, so im not really sure if its a bug, plus once you get to higher levels, you will notice you will start dying in one hit,

    maybe what happens is, if the engine senses your HP max is below 10 you cant die in one hit ( probably to help those weaker characters survive) but once you get pass a certain threshold, the game will show no mercy

  • LinkamusLinkamus Member Posts: 220

    It's not a bug. When you're at the 1st level, you (both the main character and an NPC) can't be one-shut.

    Thanks for the reply. I had no idea this was supposed to be a thing!

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,158
    Adding to the previous message.

    The main character and NPCs, while at the lvl 1, don't die from a single hit if they have full HP. Thus, Xzar has 4 hp at full and game protects him and no attack can do more than 3 damage, he gets to survive at least one hit by a mercy rule of the engine. At lvl 2 this rule is no longer, even if he has only 5 hp. He will take full damage and can die in one hit.
    An ice/fire arrow can kill a lvl 1 PC and NPC as it does piercing and then cold/fire damage. Seperate damage types work seperately.
    A lvl 1 pc/npc can survive a fireball even, if he makes a save vs spells. The first half of the spell always hits and counts as one hit. The second half is blocked by save vs spells, and the pc survives with 1 hp.

    But, it may be that if a PC or an NPC at the lvl 1 has 14 or more HP, they can be killed in one hit, even while at the lvl 1.

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