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Lord of Murder achievement [BUG?]

So I have finished BGEE on the Legacy of Bhaal difficulty... Or so I thought, since I did not get the achievement.
Not sure if this is a bug or I broke the game during the playthrough, here are my possibly unusual steps:
- I imported max level character from BG2EE (24/20 Fighter/Mage) with some items, started a new game and run solo.
- In some cases I just ran away from enemies.
- Used Time Stop couple of times (including the final battle).

After not getting the achievement I decided to dig deeper using NearInfinity and EEKeeper
In Nearinfinity, ACHIEVEM.BCS says
IF Global("ACH_LORD_OF","GLOBAL",0) Global("bd_ach_difficulty","global",2) AreaCheck("AR0125") Dead("Sarevok") NightmareModeOn() THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("ACH_LORD_OF","GLOBAL",1) END

EEKeeper (checked final save):
ACH_LORD_OF // not on the list so I assume the value == 0 therefore check
bd_ach_difficulty == 2 // check
areachecked for ar0125 // assuming it is just a check be in the temple -> check
Dead("Sarevok") // assuming this checks for Sarevok's death -> check
NightmareModeOn() // here I am lost, could be a difficulty check? there is no NIGHTMAREMODE variable though... but this looks like the only thing stopping me from the achievement... I suppose it returns true or false base on something else...

Checking on the internet I found some posts claiming that the difficulty could have changed randomly throughout the game - this is a weird case for me: it is still set on Legacy of Bhaal in options BUT checking the variable GAMEDIFFICULTY in EEKeeper shows the value of 6 in my saved game, but when I created brand new game the value of the variable is 7. Checking my old saves (I only have start of chapters available) the value is 6 on "Chapter 1 start" autosave which suggests the game changed it for some reason in the prologue (I bought bunch of long swords from Winthrop and ran to Gorion so not really a lot of possibilities for that to happen).

Using Steam version


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