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BG2EE version - which one is ok?

Hello guys,
I hope i am not posting something that is already here. I am experiencing a few strange things during my gameplay, and I would like to ask if anyone had the same experience. And if yes - what patch helped.
- graphical glitches - in the Game menu screen (I will post screenshot later when I am at home) the radial menu is showing strange "tiles" with totally unfitting background. Also ingame, in character inventory screens, various weapon/equipment slots have strange "graphic" under them.
- sometimes when I load up a quicksave, my main character (sometimes also the other "main" character that I created in MP and imported in SP) gets completely healed. I know I should be glad for that...but I´m not.
- I dont see Watchers Keep on my SOA world map

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?
Thanks for any hints!


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