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IWDEE Throwing Daggers (magic)

marzbarzmarzbarz Member Posts: 187
So I recently got a Berserker to level 3 and duel classed into a druid(lvl5 druid also now just starting temple with the hearthstone). What I did was toss 3 points into daggers for the 3 warrior levels and this guy was literally soloing everything with the basic throwing daggers and the rest of the group just naps for a bit untill they get closer. I also tossed a pip into shield/sword proficiency and managed to get lucky with that +2 buckler random at the start.

My question now is are there any magical throwing/returning daggers in this game? ( such as fire tooth in BG2 )
Ive been looking through lists but either those lists are incomplete, a mess, or returning throwing daggers are non-existent? If not Ill probably have to change to my back up scimitars/shield or staves.

Any thoughts/idea if they have any returning daggers, at least even a +1 one?

Worst case scenario I can go duel daggers with bonuses even and maybe druid form if they work together? They do have some really nice melee daggers that if usable with shapeshift forms would be amazing. Or play bg2 with the same party of 6 which would net me more items. How does throwing daggers compare in bg2ee to iwdee? Similar?

On a side note, zerker3->druid human, cleric+fighter multi dwarf tank/buffer, stalker human with bow, Cleric/mage damage, Fig+theif h-elf duel blades and a Cavalier with 2h sword makes for a pretty OP group.

Im only finishing the Vale and am pretty interested in this T-dagger style I apparently missed my x years playing. This is also my first stalker ever and they seem pretty useful. I have that girl stealth slightly behind or infront the fig/thief while he does the traps and if anything pops up she destroys them with that Giant bow from the vale. Interesting combo.


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