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Weird dialogue problem, BG1NPC Project

Hello, I've just installed BGEE and the BG1NPC Project and I've already come across a really weird problem. My problems begin as soon as Imoen joins my party, because her dialogue isn't right. She will say the weirdest things in other peoples voices, like "Die demon!" in an old mans voice. Also, whenever I speak with another NPC they act as they are talking to Imoen and I have to respond as her, if that makes sense. For example, when I meet Xzar this happens:

Xzar: Indeed, I can offer you...."
Imoen: Wait! Hold your attack and I can do the same.
... Then i can answer.
And when I have responded for the last time, this happens:
Imoen: No mercy! Die, demon! (In a mans voice)

How do I fix this weird problem of mine. What have I done wrong? BG1NPC Project is the only mod I've installed.


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