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IWD:EE MP heal on quicksave / faulty HP calculation

NaharokNaharok Member Posts: 56
I have 2 issues according health with IWD: EE in multiplayer.

- the shapeshifter druid (imported by client) restores hitpoints everytime I hit "Q". If I hit it three times in a row, the druid is fully healed. The character has 6 constitution and should more likely fall apart than heal. There are no items with this effect, it doesn't matter whether he is in humanoid or werewolf shape, he is unbuffed and it really is the saving, not the passed time while saving or something like that.

- some of the HP calculations are messed up. For example the level 8 paladin (client) has 128 hitpoints. In the description it's 10 per level + 4 for the 18 constitution. That makes 112 to me. Again - no buffs or items. The level 9 Priest (host) has 90 -> 8 per Level + 2. Also the archer level 8 (host) has the correct 80 -> 10 per level +0. But the level 11 headhunter (host) reads "2 per Level + 2 for a total of 82". Seriously? I think it is okay for a 18 constitution level 11 headhunter to have 82 HP but 22+22 would be 44, right? And how comes, a level 11 shapeshifter with 2 - 1 HP (according to the character sheet) per Level ends up with 86/76 hp? Thats right, the actual life is higher than the max. (overhealed by quicksave ...)

Any chance to get this things fixed?

Have a nice day!


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    Could you zip and attach a save please. Also please confirm both yourself and the client player have unmodded installs.

  • NaharokNaharok Member Posts: 56
    Ah fantastic, thanks for your answer. Here is the save and yes, we both have fresh and unmodded installs. 307.9K
  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    I can reproduce the client shapeshifter issue, will get that logged.

    The hit points you've mentioned for the rest do sound odd. I'll try and get some time at the weekend to set a party up from level 1 and see what happens.

    n.b. Bounty Hunter should get max 1d6hp plus con bonus to start with then drop to 2hp per level at 11 (figures and levels from memory) so should be nearer 82hp than 44hp if max hp is enabled.

  • NaharokNaharok Member Posts: 56
    Any news on this? My mate and me are stil looking forward to continue our journey through the Icewind Dale :-)

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    Heal on quicksave is reported. The only workaround I can see is to have the character host-controlled.
    It involves the negative CON bonus. e.g. a Bard with 6 CON does the same.

    Bounty Hunter hit points are correct, max of 82hp at level 11.
    At level 1, a new Bounty Hunter with 18 con has 8hp.
    At level 10 they will get their final 8hp/level, reaching 80hp.
    At level 11 and beyond they get another 2hp a level.

    Your client Paladin does have too many hit points, 2 extra hp per level. I've attached an edited save where I reduced base hit points from 96 to 80, but I cannot determine why this happened and therefore not able to reproduce it to report as a bug.

    I created a client Paladin and levelled them up by setting XP in the console with no issue.
    Exporting and re-importing your Paladin sets hit points back to 112 (but resets time in-party stats).

    - Has a save game editor been used at any point.
    - Did you start on the latest version of the game. has at least one resolved issue where additional hit points can be gained (via Shadowed Soul).

    If you observe further HP increases on the Paladin and can determine a cause we can get that reported.

  • NaharokNaharok Member Posts: 56
    Great - first of all - thanks a lot! ;-)

    Is it possible to adress the quicksave issue by increasing the CON to 8?

    According to your questions:
    - No, we didn't use a save game editor.
    - Yes, I think so. I started the game via Steam, so it should be uptodate. My mate is using GOG Galaxy, auto-updates active.
    Things I could imagine being the root of the problem:
    - There is a necklace granting 10hp to the hero. Maybe the bonus is somehow stuck on the client char even after removeing the item. We had several issues with inventory and MP in all the Infinity Engine:EE games, such as saving while the client drags an item in the inventory makes it vanish or some items can be duped by the new quicklooting - feature, when the client loots first.* In this case, maybe I have saved while he dragged the item out of the necklace slot or something silly like that.
    - The Necromancer has summoned a familiar. We also had some troubles in IE:EE games with client mages summoning familiars. Somehow the host gains control over the familiar after loading a savegame and other strange behaviors of the feature. I know thats quite a stretch, but is it possible, the HP bonus was granted to the wrong character?

    * You could possibly work arround some of the quicksave issues like vanishing items by closing the inventory for the clients before saving or even by changing all characters to host controlled for the moment of saving. You could also disable saving at all as long as a player drags an item or is in the inventory.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    Con 8 would probably work - edited save attached but unable to test it at present

  • NaharokNaharok Member Posts: 56
    That was fast :smile: Thank you, we will test it. :wink:

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