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BG2EE: Nalia Stronghold Offer Bug

Hey, just downloaded off Steam the other day, delighted to be back into my favorite game of all time. I'm starting back in with a Fighter/Mage using the Bladesinger kit, and I've just encountered a nasty bug at the conclusion of the De'Arnise Keep quest--when Nalia makes her offer to make me Lord of the Keep, the dialogue is abruptly cut off from continuing with an all-caps reply: "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS", and while the game is able to continue, it does not appear to recognize that I'm getting the stronghold. Is this a known bug--perhaps an interaction between the NPC Stronghold mod and the De'Arnise Romance mod both providing ways to experience the Fighter Stronghold content without necessarily being a Fighter oneself?

I know load order is usually helpful information to provide; I used BiG World to mod up--is there a way to make that display the mod-list/load order to post here?


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